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Substance addiction can take many forms independent of the various substances themselves. The frequent use of alcohol, for instance, can fill up a lot of time quickly while simultaneously coloring the choices you make and even how your interactions with the things you choose to engage in are perceived. Even something simple as watching television can become almost a chore without the presence of an addict’s drug of choice. Habits die hard, they say, but addiction rehab centers can assist with the transition and healing back to sobriety. It all depends on the individual person how this transition is shaped.

For some, like those who participate in Up and Running Again, that hole is filled by placing a goal to achieve. Up and Running Again is an organization originating in Las Vegas that encourages and trains people who are coming out of disadvantageous circumstances to run a full marathon. They include recovering addicts, homeless people, people who are coming out of serious injury and sometimes just people who want to change their general health situation. Organizations like this exist for all sorts of interests which can assist people in addiction recovery in staying sober. It shouldn’t be a substitution for using substances, and some people oftentimes mistake these kinds of changes as positive when they’re trading one addiction for another and sometimes can even make the same irrational choices for that addiction as they did with substance addiction.

The impact of having a change and goal cannot be overstated when thinking about the problems that a recovering addict can face. Sometimes, just the self esteem boost for accomplishment can be a big motivator to overcome the depression that often accompanies long time addiction, especially with drugs like cocaine and alcohol. If the addiction treatment is holistic, likely the underlying cause of addiction such as trauma, depression and anxiety will be treated alongside the actual habitual use and reversing the physical effects of substance abuse. Sometimes, coming into sobriety can remind people of things they maybe used to participate in before they began making their substance use a top priority in their lives. Some people will pick up a musical instrument again, or a paintbrush, exercise, join a local gaming club, start reading books or even simply reconnecting with family members they haven’t spoken to in a while. There’s no ‘right’ way to fill the hole that addiction can leave behind when sobriety takes hold, but as long as that hole is recognized and faced with optimism and not just something to fill with another addiction, recovery has a better chance to not end up in relapse.

Addiction help groups along with addiction help for families can help with the total treatment that begins with an addiction rehab center in Newport Beach like Northbound. If you or someone you know is suffering from addiction, you can talk privately with a counselor about diagnosis and treatment options by calling 866-311-0003.

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