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Paul AlexanderPaul Alexander is the founder and CEO of Northbound Treatment. He received his Certified Addiction Treatment Specialist training at Saddleback College in Mission Viejo, CA, and was awarded Outstanding Alumni Service Award in 2002. Paul holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminology, Law and Society, Summa Cum Laude, from University of California, Irvine, and a Juris Doctorate degree from Loyola Law School of Los Angeles. He believes wholeheartedly in transformational leadership, organizational health and effective, fully integrated substance use disorder treatment.


The Dangers of ‘Sizzurp’ and Robotripping

Here We Go Again—Sizzurp and Robotripping Yet another drug concoction to keep up with. Touted by Justin Bieber and Lil ...
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Alcohol Detox and Recovery Options

Alcoholism has a way of making people feel hopeless and helpless. Perhaps you’ve been suffering from the effects of an ...
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Sobriety and College

Enrolled in College After My Clinical Rehabilitation. What Now?

It can be hard to maintain your sobriety in college. Often colleges are centers for alcohol and sometimes drugs. For ...
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Essential Steps for Your Stress Management Plan

Stress Management Plan: Steps to Improve Your Anxiety Stress is a normal part of everyone’s life and there is no ...
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Christian Drug Rehab

Christian Drug Rehab – Orange County, California

What Is Faith-Based Treatment and Christian Drug Rehab? Faith-based treatment includes religious and/or spiritual beliefs and philosophies into the rehab ...
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Depression and Addiction

Why Go to a Depression Treatment Center in California?

Since depression isn’t a physical ailment, sometimes it can be tough to notice. Chances are someone you know is dealing ...
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Enabling Child's Addiction

Are You Enabling Your Child’s Addiction?

Watching someone deal with addiction can be incredibly difficult. All you want to do is help the person and, in ...
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How Does an Intervention Work?

Dealing with addiction in the family is a very stressful experience. You may be at your wit’s end and worried ...
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Faith-Based Depression Treatment

Depression: The Faith-Based Difference in Care

When it comes to getting help for mental health, it’s important for the program you choose to address your recovery ...
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Seattle Drug Rehab

What to Expect at Outpatient Rehab for Alcohol in Seattle

At Northbound, our Seattle facility offers a high-quality outpatient treatment program for alcohol addiction. Outpatient alcohol rehab is an effective ...
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Adderall Abuse

Adderall Abuse: Who’s Abusing it More?

The abuse of Adderall and other stimulants has had the most prevalence within the age bracket of young adults ages ...
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Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention: The Numbers On Suicide In California

Recently, the number of suicide attempts and deaths have been on the rise in California. The problem, however, did not ...
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