Should I Go to Rehab During Coronavirus?

Amid the present coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, feelings of anxiety are on the rise. The stress associated with social isolation and fears about the pandemic can be especially high for those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. If you’re struggling with addiction, you might be wondering if you should be going to rehab during the current Read More

Benefits of Newport Beach Young Adult Rehab

Substance abuse is an equal opportunity issue, meaning that it does not discriminate against anyone based on race, gender, or even age. As it stands, young adults make up a decent majority of those who abuse substances. These substances often range from alcohol to trendy drugs such as Molly. Either way, substance abuse in the Read More

Looking at The Addicted Brain

Studying the human mind is a difficult and lengthy endeavor for medical scientists, psychologist, psychologists and other fields with interests there. The primary reason is that to untangle many mysteries of how the human brain works we would have to break many laws which guarantee the humane treatment to all people. While it would make Read More

Ranking Substance Addictions

Just the idea of ranking addictions in any way can feel like attempting to figure out who is worse a cheater or a thief? But as science and medicine research continues to advance and the nature of addiction becomes clearer and more precisely understood, it becomes possible to rank substances in several ways. A recent Read More

The Future of Addiction Prevention Starts Today

An old say you may or may not have heard before is “Children are the messages we send into the future.”  But what if we thought about it from a slightly different perspective and make a small adjustment to that saying; “Children are the potential addicts we send into the future”. It certainly gets us Read More