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A woman deep in thought

How Do Drugs Affect Your Mental Health?

Drugs and drug addiction can have a profound and negative impact on mental health. Substance abuse can lead to a range of mental health problems, …

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Looking at DNA

Is Drug Addiction Genetic?

Addiction is often the subject of speculation about its underlying cause. One question that arises is whether addiction is primarily influenced by environmental factors and …

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Woman with anxiety

Is There a Connection Between Anxiety and Addiction?

Addiction and anxiety often go hand in hand, with one often fueling the other. People who struggle with addiction are more likely to experience anxiety, …

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Dopamine in the brain

Dopamine and Addiction: What You Should Know

Love. Buying a new car. Pleasure. Receiving a hug. What do these four things have in common? They can release dopamine, which is a chemical …

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holding hands

Understanding the Types of Addiction Treatment Programs

Addiction treatment programs come in many different forms, each with its own unique approach to helping individuals overcome substance abuse and addiction. This can be …

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