5 Signs of Cocaine Use

Each person who uses cocaine has a slightly different reaction to it. As a stimulant, cocaine generally makes people feel energetic, happy, and talkative. On the surface, this may not seem like an abnormal or negative reaction, but this high is followed by a depressed low as soon as the stimulant drug wears off. This Read More

How to Treat Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine addiction affects millions of Americans each year. The most recent information provided by the National Institute on Drug Abuse says cocaine accounts for nearly six percent of all admissions to drug addiction treatment programs and people are likely to use more than one type of drug in addition to cocaine.  Signs of cocaine use Read More

Effects of Cocaine Abuse on The Body

In most cases of drug addiction, there are both physical and mental side effects. However, the effects of cocaine abuse on the body lean toward behavioral changes primarily. These changes manifest quickly, although they may be easier to hide for some.  The way cocaine affects a person varies depending on how long and how much Read More

Cocaine Detox Timeline: A Helpful Guide

The highs and lows of cocaine dependence come fast and furious. A cocaine high usually doesn’t last beyond 30 minutes, and depending on the method of use, sometimes it’s far less than that. During the high, there’s a feeling of euphoria, energy, and high alert. After the crash, it’s a feeling of exhaustion, disorientation, and Read More

Cocaine Detox and Withdrawal: Everything You Need to Know

Cocaine detox and withdrawal is a painful time. It can last for days, weeks, or even months depending on the situation. There are both physical and mental withdrawal symptoms that occur, each with varying frequency and intensity. Someone who has been abusing cocaine over a long period of time will take longer to go through Read More