Opiate Deaths

Yesterday, the leading story for the LA Times was about the influx of prescription drug related overdoses being treated in emergency rooms. It focused on the cost to the medical system as well as the increased accessibility to pain medications. The article called on the medical community to be more stringent in its prescribing and Read More

E True Hollywood Story Jason Wahler

E! Recently, I was approached by E! about doing a story about my life. At first, I was hesitant. I didn’t understand why they were approaching me now. After my experiences on Laguna Beach and The Hills , I am very selective about what I will go on TV for . When I spoke with Read More

Jumping Off….Again

“The best mind-altering substance is the truth”. I know these seem like words that my sponsor should have said to me in my first 90 days of sobriety. Truth be told, he said them to me this week. My initial reaction was to become irritated. I just celebrated 4 years of sobriety in July- a Read More

From International Overdose Day to Recovery Month

I want to talk about two very important, and exciting, events coming up- International Overdose Awareness Day and Recovery Month. International Overdose Awareness Day is commemorated on August 31st each year. It is an iniative of The Penington Institute of Australia whose mission is to advance, “health and community safety by connecting substance use research Read More

A Little Motivation (and Some Reassurance!)

Last week I talked about an interview I did for answers.com. This opportunity gave me a platform to talk about raising awareness of addiction and recovery. More importantly, it helped me to see how far I have come from my days of using. I’d like to share with you an example of this. Along my Read More