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Our Treatment Center in Orange County, California is one of the premier centers in California treating both Substance Use Disorders and Mental Health Issues.

Drug and alcohol addiction is a chronic global problem affecting both the rich and the poor. In the U.S. alone, an estimated 19.7 million people are said to have struggled with addiction in 2017. This illustrates that 1 out of every 8 American adults is involved in some sort of substance abuse!

Fortunately, more communities are today more aware of the negative impacts of substance abuse. Hence, they’re now more open-minded towards treatment. As a result, addicts can now seek treatment without feeling stigmatized.

For these reasons, this has, in turn, spurred the opening of treatment facilities where they can turn to for help. Today, there’re over 14,500 facilities in the United States.

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How many treatment centers are in Orange County California?

In comparison to other regions, the rate of substance abuse in Orange County isn’t that severe. This isn’t to say that it shouldn’t be a cause of worry. It was a small problem years ago but is slowly transitioning into an epidemic.

For instance, in 2017, there was an 82% increase in drug and alcohol-related deaths. There were also 700 deaths and over 500 drug-related hospitalizations. The most abused substances in this County were prescription drugs and alcohol.

If you or your loved one is struggling with addiction, seek help now before you become part of the stats above. The good news is that addicts can now seek treatment within Orange County.

A 2016 survey shows that there are over 1,100 treatment facilities throughout Southern California. Orange County being the third largest county in this region, is home to about 122 of them. They’re dedicated to helping those striving to live a drug-free life.

These Rehab Centers in Orange County, are under both public and private providers. A majority are under the public wing and are overseen by the Orange County Health Care Agency.

What’s even better is that more are opening up. The hope is this will help create a drug-free future in Orange County California.

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What Type of Treatment Centers are in Orange County, CA?

Not every addiction is the same. In respect to that, it’s essential you explore the types of centers available in Orange County. Treatment centers in Orange County, California, are categorized, as shown below:

Inpatient Treatment Centers

Also known as residential centers, these are centers where the patient is required to check in and live within the facility. Depending on the seriousness of the addiction, treatment might last between 30 and 90 days. They’re ideal for patients who live in environments that negatively impact their recovery

Other patients battling with similar addictions usually surround the patient. They also have experienced yet hospitable professionals who motivate them. This, in turn, speeds up their journey towards a drug-free life.

Other than that, the setting allows patients to focus on nothing but recovery. As a result, inpatient centers usually boast of a higher success rate than outpatient.

However, they’re quite expensive. Not everyone can afford an inpatient drug rehab in Orange County.

This setting goes a long way in promoting soberness as patients can focus on recovery both emotionally and physically. As a result, residential centers often have a higher success rate in ensuring recovery than outpatient centers. Nevertheless, not everyone can afford to pay for an inpatient drug rehab in Orange County, California.

Outpatient Treatment Centers

The primary difference between an outpatient drug and alcohol rehab in Orange County and the model above is that there’s no round the clock care. Patients receive treatment during the day and go back home in the evening.

An outpatient center works best for individuals with a mild addiction. They are also ideal for those who have a reliable support system back at home and whose environment doesn’t encourage substance abuse.

Depending on the facility you’ve enrolled in, the treatment periods last between ten to twelve hours a week, over a 3 or one year program. While it’s more affordable and usually works, the chances of relapsing are often quite high.

What Programs are offered in Orange County, California?

Finding the right treatment center for you or your loved one entails understanding the kind of program each facility offers. Described herein are standard programs offered by treatment centers in Orange County, California:

1. Medical Detox Programs

This is a staple program in most rehab facilities. It’s aimed at safely flushing alcohol or other drugs out of the patient’s system in preparation for recovery. Depending on the abused drug, the withdrawal process can be at times life-threatening. In respect to that, medical detox programs are often medically aided. They’re also conducted under the care of skilled health professionals.

2. Partial Hospitalization Programs

These are programs tailored for patients who need more care and attention than patients in the outpatient program. In other words, this program works for patients who don’t need all-round the clock care. However, such patients need more attention than those on an outpatient arrangement.

These programs are often structured the same way as inpatient programs except that they only take several hours daily.

3. Support Group Programs

Treatment centers in Orange County commonly offer support group programs. Depending on the rehab facility, the group is designed to either connect freshly registered patients to recovering addicts or provide education and counseling programs to the patients.

4. Sober Living Home Programs

These programs are standard in most inpatient treatment centers. They’re for addicts whose previous neighborhoods don’t provide an ideal environment for complete recovery.

5. Aftercare Support Programs

Even though recovery from drug addiction is possible, the chances of relapsing are often quite high. As a way to prevent this, most treatment centers in Orange County usually offer alumni and follow-up care programs to ensure total drug abstinence.

Explore more treatment resources in Orange County, California

As noted earlier, there’re plenty of treatment resources in Orange County, California that can help you, a relative, or close friend achiever soberness.

Are you struggling with substance abuse and addiction, or you want your relative or friend assisted? Contact us for immediate professional guidance.