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Figuring out how to come up with the funds to pay for substance abuse treatment is a very daunting task. The burden can fall on the affected individual as well as people associated with the individual like family and friends of the addict. Our staff at Northbound Treatment is here to show you ever option available in order to make treatment a reality.

There are three different routes individuals can take to pay for treatment. The first option is always private pay. By paying out of pocket, someone doesn’t have to go through other sources to be able to be approved for rehab. It poses the least amount of chances for being denied treatment based on the cost. The second option is applying for scholarships we have available thanks to our many sponsors and generous donations. This is the option we cannot guarantee to everyone because of the limited funds we are able to give away. The final option is working with your insurance provider to figure out what costs are covered by your policy. This could determine whether your entire treatment can be paid for, of if you are only able to receive partial financial assistance.

Does Your Provider Cover You?

Substance abuse treatment does not come at a small price, and most individuals having to go through the process are not aware that their insurance provider can cut down the cost of treatment immensely. Here at Northbound, our trained specialists will review your coverage plan and provide more information on the amount of financial assistance you are able to receive from your insurance company.

With our help, you should be able to cut the costs of treatment and medications down significantly. We know that this could be the ultimate deciding factor on whether or not you are able to attend rehab.

USA MCO Insurance Benefits

USA MCO or Managed Care Organization is the largest privately held preferred provider organization offering untraditional health benefits and resources. A Preferred Provider Organization is an organization that does not sell insurance to the consumer but rather to other insurance providers. By helping smaller insurance agencies offer a better range of options for their network, the PPO as well as the smaller agency both benefit at the same time.

As the U.S.’s largest PPO, MCO has over thirty years of experience in giving employers cost-effective, practical strategies that continue to grow the group compensation market. The company prides itself on being user-friendly and allowing individuals to customize their plans, as well as helping the small agencies they work with cater to their clients. With its large network of hospitals, doctors and facilities, MCO is a smart option when looking into what insurance providers are best for covering treatment costs.

Is In-Network Necessary?

There are many financial situations where in-network companies associated with MCO will be necessary to help fund the treatment. Choosing an in-network provider versus an out-of-network provider can increase the chance of being able to attend rehabilitation programs for the amount of time necessary the patient requires to fully recovery from the substance addiction. 

Because it is an in-network company, our specialists here at Northbound are able to review your plan and quote a treatment payment amount based on your MCO insurance coverage. If you are required to pay a deductible, MCO may help to cut the cost for you because it is in-network.

Other Benefits of USA MCO

Although helping to cover the cost of treatment is crucial, finding an insurance provider that is versatile is also of importance. USA MCO is a great option for life before, during and after rehab to decrease any financial burden an individual may come across. 

The company has developed a Continuous Quality Improvement initiative that promises to minimize overhead and consolidate their services. They also offer plans that are specific to other health issues that may arise. Some of these include their Workers Injury Network and their H & W Network that covers wellness and health. With their H&W Network, the company works with over 5,600 medical facilities, 85,000 ancillaries and close to 490,000 physicians.

Reviewing Your Policy

More people than ever are able to afford insurance, and we pride ourselves on being experts at navigating the ever-changing world of policies. With over 30 years of experience, we will be able to find every ounce of help you can receive from your policy.  

At Northbound Treatment, an independent review of your MCO coverage will determine:

  • Which alcohol and drug rehabs you are eligible for
  • How long you can attend the program (30, 60, 90 days, etc.)
  • Which level of care will be covered

By allowing us review what expenses your MCO plan will cover at our facility, our team at Northbound is able to identify all the factors to help you determine whether treatment is going to be affordable or not. This will help you understand how much you can expect to pay out of pocket for treatments.

Coverage for Treatment

When it comes to insurance coverage, different factors can play into an individual’s amount they are required to pay. Some of these factors can include the state or country, the type of detox or treatment program, the length of stay and much more. Because PPO’s are separate Health Maintenance Organizations, they only allow inpatient treatments to be paid for.

Some of the types of disorder MCO pride themselves on offering treatments for can include but are not limited to:

  • Alcoholism 
  • Heroin addiction
  • Cocaine addiction
  • Over-the-counter drug addiction
  • Benzodiazepine addiction
  • Crystal meth addiction
  • Opiate addiction

By offering treatments for various types of disorders, MCO hopes to appeal to a large population with their coverage. They even offer help for milder addictions like nicotine addiction that affect a person’s everyday life.

Coverage for Detox

Because substance abuse disorders are so serious, an individual going through substance addiction cannot rid their body of the substance all at once. Detoxification is the medical process of slowly weaning an addicted individual off of the substance they have been abusing. Over time, this process completely eliminates the drugs or alcohol from the patient’s body. 

During this process, the patient will experience physical and mental symptoms called “withdrawal symptoms.” The symptoms can be very painful and include things like increased heart rates, profuse sweating and even seizures in some cases. These can be so severe that around the clock medical care will be needed in order to insure the patient’s safety and health. This is what your USA MCO plan will help cover the cost of.

As far as detox coverage, the only way policyholders will be able to receive help will be if they use inpatient facilities to go through the detoxification process. Outpatient expenses are not covered by MCO’s plans, and therefore they will be paid all out of pocket if that is the route the patient chooses to take.

Coverage for Mental Health

Mental health disorders affect nearly half of American adults during their lifetime. Because this number is so high, treatment centers around the United States are seeing an influx of mental health disorder patients. In order to receive proper care and treatment, coverage for mental health treatment is extremely important to have access to within your insurance company. 

There is a good chance that when someone is diagnosed with a substance abuse disorder, they are also dual-diagnosed with a mental health disorder, as well. MCO allows their policyholders to use their insurance to cover treatment for disorders such as PTSD, eating disorders, anxiety, depression and even OCD.

Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment Coverage

There are two different types of addiction treatment. The most notable is inpatient treatment where the patient is required to stay at the facility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during the recovery process. The other is outpatient treatment where an individual is still immersed in daily life, like attending school or work, while attending treatments. Whether a potential patient is admitted into an inpatient or outpatient treatment program will depend on his or her medical and mental status. 

When using MCO to help cover the cost of treatment, one important factor to consider is that they are only able to cover inpatient treatment. If a policyholder chooses to go the outpatient route, MCO’s plans do not work with any of the facilities. Because this is the case, USA MCO will not be able to cover any of the costs associated with outpatient treatment. 

How Northbound Can Help

Here at Northbound Treatment, we ensure you that we will help you achieve the fastest, most cost-effective recovery.  We understand the importance of being a treatment facility that not only caters to your health condition but also your budget at the same time. We are dedicated to your needs and will do anything in our power to meet them.

If you or someone you know is caught in the grips of substance abuse and is seeking help, we are here to assist. Don’t hesitate to contact us today by calling (844) 919-0420.

Additional Insurance Plans We Accept

Here at Northbound, we understand that cost is a factor when deciding on the right treatment center for treating a substance abuse disorder. One way we can reduce stress in this challenging time is to assist you in navigating the health insurance process. We have a team dedicated to maximizing your drug rehab insurance coverage to minimize your out-of-pocket expenses. Northbound accepts a wide variety of insurance providers.





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