Telehealth IOP Services


At Northbound, both employee and client safety is priority number one. Amidst the current COVID-19 pandemic, we’re staying on top of best practices with the advice of the CDC, WHO and DHCS (The California Department of Health Care Services) on a daily basis. 

In taking precautions at our facilities, we’re currently not allowing any non-essential visitors unless approved prior to his or her visit. For the continued health and safety of our community, every client, healthcare provider, employee, vendor, and visitor must also have their temperature taken upon arrival to be cleared. 

For our clients and on-site community, we have implemented two screenings for all incoming clients prior to admission. We screen current clients at all facilities for symptoms or potential exposures and are evaluating immediately as necessary. 

Our doors are open and we are here for you. Our mission has always been to transform lives and support those overcoming addiction, regardless of current affairs. Our commitment is to continue to do so during this challenging time. To that end, we’re currently using novel strategies for treatment including telehealth service, online meetings, off-site client only activities and industry support and guidance webinars. 

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At Northbound, we understand that addiction recovery is a journey that is both highly personal and ever-evolving. Our mission is to meet our clients exactly where they are in their personal journey and provide support at every step. 

Northbound offers telehealth treatment services through our HomeBound program to support our clients in their addiction recovery from the safety and comfort of their own home. Through advances in digital technology, we’ve developed novel telehealth treatment programs that recreate every aspect of our in-person care. Our online support program has been operating since January of 2016, so our facilitators and therapists are already well-versed in how to provide virtual care for our clients. 

HomeBound provides support for both substance abuse and mental health disorders at the intensive outpatient (IOP), regular outpatient (OP) and support service program levels of care. Our outpatient treatment programs are an integral part of addiction recovery, as individuals receive continual guidance, motivation and accountability from their care providers and treatment team. With telemedicine visits tailored to the real-life needs of each participant, this program helps clients build the skills and strategies necessary to live confidently in their recovery.  

Whether you’ve never been to treatment before, have just completed residential treatment or need further support following a relapse, we are here to help you in the journey to arrest your addiction. The HomeBound outpatient programs are an appropriate level of care for those who have a safe and sober living environment to reside in and those who, with support, are ready to live substance-free. Our programs are designed to equip all those in outpatient treatment with the tools to develop a balanced, sustainable recovery lifestyle. 

Through HomeBound, we offer the highest level of clinical services at the convenience of the client’s home. Participants enrolled in this program work with their personal care team to develop an individualized schedule that includes:

  • Flexible scheduling 
  • Individual, group therapy, and psychoeducation
  • Individual case management 
  • 12-Step engagement 
  • Psychiatric care as needed 
  • Optional concurrent participation in Northbound signature services, including Collegebound®, Careerbound®, our Music Therapy, or Trauma Program

Our compassionate team is composed of experts in the field and each one is here to guide clients through the full continuum of care. We integrate treatment of mental health disorders with addiction, as we recognize the interplay between them, and now are able to do so virtually with our online therapy. Our primary clinicians help clients discover the core issues that have impacted or perpetuated their addiction through individual counseling, education on the disease of addiction, engagement in a 12-Step Program and various forms of mental health therapy. 

A few members of our world-class team include:

Dr. Sunder, Medical Director, Board Certified, Addiction Specialist

Beth Durling, BA, CADCII, ICADC, Clinical Director

Ryan Snodgrass, LMFT, APCC, Trauma Program & Family Program Coordinator

Barek Sharif, M.S., LMFT, Director of Clinical Supervision

Interested in exploring virtual care for addiction treatment support? Enrolling in any of Northbound’s telehealth outpatient services is a simple process. All you need is a computer, phone or tablet and our team can help get you set up on Zoom, an easy-to-follow video conferencing system. 

Call us today to learn more about our telemedicine options and get set up with support from the ease & convenience of your own home.