Northbound Treatment Locations

The residences and facilities of Northbound Treatment’s programs and recovery centers have been chosen mindfully and nestled within the Orange County region of Southern California. Each program’s location, as well as its facilities, play a role in delivering our specialized form of addiction treatment that distinguishes Northbound’s continuum of care from other providers. 

Location plays two important roles in the effectiveness of our full-service continuum of care. First, the environment can affect an individuals’ emotional state, and one’s capability to focus on healing. To this end, our residences and clinical facilities are designed and maintained to bring about tranquility, security, and peace of mind. 

Orange County Rehab: Our Men’s and Women’s Recovery Communities

Our Orange County rehabilitation center is a peaceful, idyllic area, and also home to every program we offer from Detox to Residential Treatment to Addiction Support Services.

Our coastal Orange County Rehab location is a breathtakingly beautiful place that provides an inspiring, peaceful atmosphere to focus on healing. Young adults, women and men suffering from addiction, co-occurring mental health problems, and trauma need a safe, secure environment in which to heal.  All of Northbound’s houses reflect the quality, attention to detail; here we believe that a setting designed for success supports expectations of one’s best. 

Our homes are situated in and around the community of Newport Beach, California.  Northbound’s special combination of SoCal culture, beach and suburban environments, proximity to leading collegiate and continued education institutions and nature make Orange County a highly desirable place to live and work, serving Northbound’s unique InVivo® community approach to sustainable recovery all the more effective. 

Our Orange County Rehab facilities currently offer all of Northbound’s Treatment’s Programs and Services:

At Northbound, we believe that lessons learned in the real world, are easier to put into real-world practice. Therefore, Northbound Treatment’s locations are not isolated or removed from the world, but completely integrated into a very real, vibrant, and diverse community. 

At each of locations in Southern California, we invest in the neighborhood, upgrading our buildings and facilities to make them as comfortable and modern as possible, so that every participant has a therapeutic and safe environment in which to treat and recover from their addiction.  

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