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The Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) at Northbound Treatment in Orange County is often the ideal next step in the journey to sustainable sobriety. This level of care is generally recommended following residential treatment and preceding intensive outpatient treatment as it provides more freedom and independence while still offering consistent support.


After a residential treatment program, we will recommend that patients enroll in our PHP to hone in skills learned during residential treatment and receive additional support while testing the waters of new independence. Our PHP is flexible and accommodating with a similar structure to our residential treatment. This program offers treatment most days of the week and allows patients to benefit from professional services up to 6 hours a day. 


While in a PHP, patients begin transitioning into their everyday life and take on more responsibility while receiving therapeutic services at Northbound. As long as patients make strides forward in their recovery and maintain their sobriety, they can eventually step down to a lower level of care and experience more independence and responsibilities, usually in the form of an outpatient program. Thus, a Partial Hospitalization Program provides a crucial step toward continued healing and sobriety.

Services Included in Our Partial Hospitalization Program Rehab in Orange County

At Northbound Treatment, patients spend most of their time in individual and group therapy as they learn more about their addiction, what led them to start abusing substances, and how to deal with challenges along the way. Our services aim to provide patients with the tools needed to navigate triggers once they are living independently, once again.


While individual and group therapy are crucial for a sustainable recovery, additional therapies can help some individuals navigate the healing process.  Some of the other services that we offer in PHP include:

Relapse Prevention

Patients learn to identify the stages of relapse and the best ways to cope with stressful situations.  Through developing skills that can help navigate triggers, each individual will learn how to stay sober, even when the most challenging of situations arise. 


EMDR therapy

This therapy uses various eye movements to process traumatic memories. Used mainly on those who have painful memories or unresolved trauma, EMDR can be an effective tool to get to the root of addiction and create a pattern of healing and recovery.

Experiential Therapy

As part of our PHP, we offer an experiential therapy approach to treat patient’s symptoms from psychological disturbances and lower their risk for relapse. Experiential therapy can include equine therapy, art therapy, adventure therapy, yoga, and meditation. The overall goal of this type of therapy is to allow individuals to develop new coping skills that can help them navigate challenges in the future.

Signature Services for Addiction Treatment in Orange County

During your time in our Partial Hospitalization Program at Northbound Treatment, we provide resources that can benefit you in the long run.  That is why we have created specialty services that consider the future and assist you as you navigate an independent, sober life.


Our Careerbound® therapy provides skills for those entering the workforce after addiction treatment. Northbound Treatment offers work skill development, resume workshops, and job placement assistance, so you have a career path in mind once treatment concludes. 


For individuals who are college-minded during their treatment or have plans to enroll in classes once treatment is complete, our Collegebound® program helps individuals navigate the college preparation process. From organized tutoring to goal setting, we are here to hold you accountable while you achieve your academic goals.

Faith-Based Recovery

A faith-centered approach can bring tremendous healing when it comes to addiction recovery. Our faith-based recovery provides each participant with additional support such as therapies and psychiatric assistance with faith at its core.

Music Recovery

Music can be incredibly effective for navigating to healing and sobriety. Our music recovery program shows individuals how to express emotions, navigate triggers, and provide a positive outlet and tool for after treatment in the form of music.


Is Partial Hospitalization Right for Me or My Loved One?

Recovery is a journey that looks different for everyone. While some individuals are ready to return to everyday life immediately after residential treatment, we strongly recommend a continuity of care between inpatient treatment and entering a world filled with responsibilities and triggers.


Partial Hospitalization Programs in Orange County can be the ideal solution for those who have undergone residential treatment and are ready for the next step that allows them continued support while learning to regain responsibility. 

Start Your Partial Hospitalization Treatment in Orange County Today

Whatever stage in the recovery process you are in, Northbound Treatment can help. Our Partial Hospitalization Program in Orange County can help you navigate your journey in addiction treatment. If you have questions or are curious about which type of addiction treatment is right for you, reach out! We want to help you make informed decisions that will provide you with a lifetime of healing and sustainable recovery.

The Full Continuum of Care at Northbound

To effectively meet clients’ needs at each phase of this journey, Northbound is proud to offer a full continuum of care that spans from detox to aftercare. Regardless of where a client is in their emerging recovery process, they can find a program at Northbound to fit their needs.





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