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You can find treatment for both mental health issues and substance use disorders (SUDs) in one of the best rehab centers in Long Beach, the Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center in Southern California.

Drug addiction is a common problem that is affecting many people around the globe. Individuals in almost every community are experiencing problems like illicit drug use, alcoholism, and prescription drug abuse. Additionally, a large number of people living in the United States are also becoming addicted to substance use. Many are struggling to overcome their alcohol and drug abuse behavior.

According to the 2017 stats, in the US, around 19.6 million people were struggling with addiction. This means one individual in every 8 Americans is dealing with substance abuse. These stats show how big the addiction and mental illness problems are. The people of Long Beach, CA, are not far from this rising problem.

Drug Rehab & Alcohol Treatment in Long Beach, CA

Since the community is getting more aware of mental wellness and health issues, psychological management programs in Long Beach, CA, have become more acceptable and common. Because of that, addicts now can get the best treatments without being stigmatized.

From drug abuse and alcohol addiction to dual diagnosis, there are ample different treatments and management programs in Long Beach to handle several issues at once. By identifying the underlying problems and root causes in the dual diagnosis cases, therapists and doctors can easily treat patients for sobriety and long-term recovery. There are a total of 14,500 facilities in the United States that treat, guide, and improve the lifestyle of addicts.

If you are looking for the best and modern-day treatment methods in Long Beach, CA, you need to visit Northbound Treatment. We have highly experienced medical professionals and trained staff; our alcohol rehab and drug rehab in Long Beach offer every technique, method, and equipment needed to deal with your illness or disorder. We also offer an individualized treatment plan designed through the help of evidence-based treatments such as one-on-one counseling and behavioral therapy to help our patients achieve long-term results.

Statistics on Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Long Beach, California

You might not know, but only in Long Beach, from 2015 to 2016, around 8% of Californians have gone through substance use disorder. This percentage indicates about 2.7 million citizens of California. Besides that, more than half of these people reported alcohol dependence. A significant amount of the remaining addicts were the people struggling with illicit drug dependence. Lastly, the remaining people were dependent on a prescription medication called opioids that are prescription pain medications.

The surprising part is that among the people dealing with substance disorders from 2015 to 2016, most were 18 to 25 years of age. 15% of patients with substance use disorder that needed additional treatment fell in this group.

Moreover, around 36% of the people in this age group reported dependency on binge drinking. This means they consume more than the suggested amount of drink for this age group and gender. Around 24.3% of people above the age of 26 were binge drinkers.

Apart from the adults, young children between 12 and 17 experienced alcohol and drug abuse in Long Beach. You might be surprised to know that 5.1% of this group were involved in binge drinking. These adolescent students state that they have used alcohol and drugs to get high.

Here are further statistics:

  • Approximately 13% of 7th-grade students were involved in alcohol use.
  • 7.9% of 7th-grade students had reported marijuana usage
  • 32% of 9th-grade students had participated in the alcohol use
  • Around 23.1% of 9th-grade students were involved in the marijuana use
  • Over 4% of the 9th-grade students were involved in cocaine use
  • 5.2% of 11th-grade students had reported alcohol use
  • 6.4% of 11th-grade students had reported cocaine use
  • About 38% of 11th-grade students reported marijuana use

Is Drug Rehab in Long Beach Right for You?

We have already discussed that Americans are experiencing a great impact of addiction and substance use. Unfortunately, this situation is causing an increase in drug-related deaths. Young adults are the most common victim of this issue.

According to the National Center of Health stats, approximately 70,200 people died in 2017 only because of a drug overdose. This figure is more than the 54,000 deaths that happened in 1999. Generally, people believe that illicit drugs are the primary cause of death. But, little do they know that most cases occur due to prescription drugs. It’s true that many people suffer from the fatal and severe effects of illegal drugs, but many people also face problems due to prescription drugs. These overdoses include several drugs that comprise different types of substances. This is why every individual takes overdoses of different drugs. Some people take an overdose of the anti-depressants, while others take synthetic narcotics.

Many people overdosed as a result of the usage of cocaine, benzodiazepine, and opioids. This is why we, at Northbound Treatment Center in Long Beach, CA, offer you treatment methods that extend to mental health. Since dual diagnosis has an adverse effect on people, we try to understand every patient’s symptoms and requirements to guide them for a speedy recovery.

The Opioid Epidemic in Long Beach, California

You might know about the opioid epidemic in the USA. Sadly, this epidemic is leaving its mark on every part of the country, including Long Beach. A considerable amount of people are dealing with issues related to opioid usage. These problems have even taken the lives of many people.

The 2017 report of the Sheriff Coroner and Long Beach Health Care Agency has provided significant data and information about this problem. This report shows that the percentage of opioid-related cases in the emergency department (ED) significantly increased between 2005 and 2011.

In this period, there was a considerable amount of dependence and abuse-related cases. 23% of these cases had visited emergency departments—the remaining percentage resulted in hospitalization. In addition to it, 80% of the heroin-related cases had visited ED, whereas the remaining were hospitalized.

Between 2011 and 2015, 7,457 patients visited ED struggling from problems of opioid usage. The report also shows that men were more involved in this problem than women. Hence, of them all, 4,500 were males, and 2,900 were females. You also need to know that a great number of these cases were of opioid dependence or abuse. As a result, we have seen 39% of the ED visits. Around 24% of the patients who visited ED were because of heroin poisoning.

Besides that, this survey also shows that, on average, 1,500 individuals get treatment in the ED every year. The horrifying truth is that this percentage doesn’t even include the people who are dealing with opioid abuse and other substance addiction and those who don’t get treatment. This shows that the California people greatly need treatment for addiction.

Long Beach Drug Rehabs: How Many Are They?

Fortunately, the substance use problem is much more in control in Long Beach and also lower than in the other region. However, we can’t still ignore the fact that many people suffer from drug and alcohol addiction. The truth is that every region needs drug and alcohol treatment programs.

You might not know, but in 2017, we saw an 82% rise in drug and alcohol-related deaths, which was around 700 deaths. There were also 500 hospitalized cases related to drug problems. Of course, all of these problems are a result of the extensive use of alcohol and drugs. So, even when our region is showing fewer cases than the national average, we need to keep in mind that it is still an issue that is putting our community at risk.

If you or anyone around you is facing addiction problems, get help as soon as possible so that you can control the problem before it gets worse. You can find many health facilities in Long Beach that offer you every kind of treatment to overcome your addiction. According to the 2016 survey, there are approximately 1,100 drug treatment institutions throughout Southern California. Not to mention, Long Beach, which is the third-largest county in Southern California, offers you around 122 facilities.

You can find both private and public providers when it comes to the Long Beach rehab facilities. The majority of them are public health facilities. Over time, more and more facilities are developing to help people. We, Northbound Treatment, have the aim to serve the Long Beach community and spread awareness of this increasing problem. This is why we have developed programs to help you get rid of your addiction as quickly as possible.

What Type of Alcohol Rehab Centers are in Long Beach?

It is important to note that different types of addiction need different treatments. The following are some treatment centers that you can choose according to your problem.

Inpatient Treatment Centers in Long Beach, CA

These centers are also popular as residential rehab centers. These facilities allow patients to check-in and live in the facility under the supervision of experts. Treatments can take around 30 to 90 days, depending on the addiction. These centers are best for the people who need a supportive and safe environment when they undergo recovery and detox.

The best part is that these facilities allow the patients to interact with each other to share their experiences and problems, as they are facing the same problem. Furthermore, these organizations also have experienced and educated staff that motivate patients to get treatment. Because of having the right people by their side, patients get successful in living a drug-free life.

The environment also allows patients to completely focus on recovery. This is why inpatient centers have a much higher recovery rate compared to outpatient treatment facilities. Of course, you need to pay a bit more for this high level of treatment and assistance. Therefore, they are much more expensive than outpatient treatment programs. Northbound Treatment in Long Beach, CA, allows the patients to opt for their insurance plans for the treatment at our inpatient facility. Since we approve most of the common insurance plans, you will be able to cover complete or some of the treatment with it. If you want to know whether we accept your insurance or not, you can contact us.

You need to know that inpatient facilities offer you long term benefits, as these facilities focus on both physical and emotional recovery. This way, they have a higher success rate in recovery than the outpatient centers. Along with the inpatient treatment methods, they also deliver you some other treatment methods that you can choose according to your situation and budget.

Outpatient Treatment Centers in Long Beach, CA

The primary difference between an inpatient program and an outpatient drug program in California is that patients don’t get support and assistance throughout the day. Patients need to visit the facility to get the treatment and then go back to their homes. This type of institution is ideal for patients with mild addictions. It also works great for people who have an excellent support system in their homes and don’t live in the environment that motivates substance abuse.

Depending on your chosen institute, the treatment can take around 10 to 12 hours a week. It can also last for around three months to a year. Although this treatment plan is more affordable, the chances of its success are low if you don’t get support and assistance from home.

What Programs are offered in Long Beach, California?

Before choosing any health assisting facility, you need to understand what type of programs an excellent facility offers. The following are some of the standard programs that you can find in the rehab centers.

1. Medical Detox Programs

Medical detox is the most common program in the rehab institution in Long Beach, CA. This program offers a safe place for patients undergoing an alcohol and drug detox. Experienced health professionals help patients to control the risk of side effects. They also help you prevent the symptoms that are associated with alcohol and drug detox.

2. Partial Hospitalization Programs

Health institutions tailor this program depending on the condition of the patient. This program is for patients who need extensive care in intensive outpatient facilities. These patients need more attention and motivation than the patients who go for an outpatient treatment program.

The Partial Hospitalization programs comprise the same techniques and methods as the inpatient programs. However, its procedure needs more hours of the day than others.

3. Support Group Programs

Drug rehab centers in Long Beach also provide support group programs that you may already know. Depending on the institution’s approach, the facility creates a group of newly registered patients. Sometimes they also offer counseling and educational programs to the patients so that they can live a better life.

4. Sober Living Home Programs

This program is another most common treatment method that you can notice in the inpatient treatment centers. Sober Living Home Programs are for the addicts who live in an environment that prevents them from getting recovered quickly.

5. Aftercare Support Programs

You can recover from drug addiction abuse, but developing this problem again is also quite common. To prevent it from happening, many rehab centers in Long Beach mostly offer you follow-up care or alumni programs to make sure that you are living a drug-free life.

Who We Are: Northbound in Long Beach, California

We, Northbound Treatment in Long Beach, CA, have an objective to help people dealing with mental health problems and addictions. We try to resolve their problems and help them achieve sobriety. We understand that change might look impossible when you are dealing with addiction. This is why we have made it our mission to support and guide you throughout the process until you don’t begin a normal life that you were living before the addiction.

We have a qualified and experienced team that comprises psychologists, therapists, doctors, and addiction counselors. In addition to it, we provide modern-day and high-quality equipment to our team so that they can offer the best treatments. We offer a 1-on-1 staff-to-client ratio so that every patient gets the best treatment and care. At Northbound Treatment, we use every technique and method to ensure that our patients successfully overcome their addiction and live a positive post-recovery life.

Our Facility in Long Beach, California

Northbound Treatment in Long Beach, CA, offers you many types of methods that you need to undergo in different stages of the treatment. The following are some of the most common ones that we offer to our patients.

  • Outpatient treatment in Newport Beach
  • Residential treatment in Newport Beach
  • Medical Detox
  • Extended Care

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