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There is a way out of your struggle with addiction to alcohol and/or drugs. Northbound Treatment’s drug rehab in San Juan Capistrano offers the support you need to take back control of your life and overcome your addiction for good. From medical detox services to residential treatment and sober living programming, we provide comprehensive addiction treatment for every phase of your recovery journey. It is our mission to ensure you have the tools you need to maintain long-term sobriety.

Our expert team of addiction specialists at Northbound Treatment Services in San Juan Capistrano focuses on meeting the specific needs of every patient. You are never just a number to us. Our staff is dedicated to doing everything in their power to ensure you are properly supported on your journey and receive the tools you need to maintain life-long recovery. 

What to Look for in a Rehab Center in San Juan Capistrano?

There are a variety of rehabilitation centers in the San Juan Capistrano area. Because of this, finding the right center can feel overwhelming. Below are a few things you’ll want to consider when deciding on the right drug rehab center in San Juan Capistrano.

  • Services Provided. Alcohol and drug addiction can affect the mind and body of an individual in many ways. With that being said addiction treatment requires a multi-faceted approach. We recommend a comprehensive treatment center that offers a variety of services to meet your individual needs throughout each step of the recovery journey.
  • Health Insurance Coverage. Reach out to the treatment center you are considering ahead of time and inquire about the insurance plans they are in-network with. If they don’t accept your insurance, you can ask about other available payment options.
  • Level of Experience. The ideal treatment center will have a team of experts with immense experience in drug and alcohol treatment. Check with the recovery center about how long they have been open, what the qualifications of their staff members are, and so on. 
  • Individualized Care. Every recovery journey is different, and everyone battling addiction has their own specific needs. We recommend choosing a treatment center that offers individualized programming.
  • Aftercare. Your recovery journey doesn’t end after your treatment program.  Aftercare programs help to build a sense of community and encourage long-term recovery.

What is Detox?

Detoxification (detox) is the process of the body cleansing itself of addictive substances and toxins. The first phase of recovery is typically a medical detox, and this should be done under the supervision of a trained staff of medical professionals. Withdrawal symptoms can be mild, severe, or even deadly. It is dangerous to try and quit “cold turkey.”

A medical detox team will provide relief for the patient as they experience withdrawal symptoms. They ensure that the patient not only remains comfortable but also safe. The detoxification process often takes around 5-7 days, and 24/7 medical supervision is important during this time period. After the physical symptoms of withdrawal cease, the patient can focus on learning the tools needed to thrive along their recovery journey.

Why Christian Drug Treatment?

Spirituality is extremely important for recovery and ongoing sobriety. Northbound Treatment Services offers Christian treatment programs that focus on reliance on the Lord and faith in order to achieve and maintain sobriety.

Residential and Outpatient Treatment

There are a few different options for treatment, which include inpatient and outpatient treatment programs. Residential (inpatient) treatment requires a patient to reside at the rehabilitation facility for the duration of their treatment. Outpatient treatment programs allow the patient to return home after their treatment.

For patients that require a higher level of care to help with adherence to the program, residential treatment is recommended. For those that require a lower level of care and have outside obligations like work and family, outpatient treatment may be an option. A specialist will determine which level of care is most effective during the admissions process.

Different therapeutic methods are utilized with both outpatient and inpatient treatment to help with mental health challenges and distress tolerance. Patients learn to overcome momentary distress and manage triggers in a positive way, along with receiving treatment for trauma and other mental health concerns.

To learn more about our levels of care, speak with our admissions team. We will determine which treatment is best for you.

Why Northbound Treatment Services in San Juan Capistrano?

There are a lot of treatment centers available in the San Juan Capistrano area, and you may be wondering why Northbound Treatment Services in San Juan Capistrano? There are a lot of factors that set our treatment center apart from others.

Some of the benefits of Northbound Treatment Services in San Juan Capistrano include:

  • Our Team. The team at Northbound Treatment Services in San Juan Capistrano is both experienced and professional. We offer excellent recovery services provided by experts in their field. Our team members understand the needs of our patients.
  • Our Code of Ethics. Our code of ethics is of the utmost importance to us. We promise to provide you with the highest level of care and support. Dignity and respect are at the forefront of our code of ethics. It is our mission for you to feel comfortable and welcome during your treatment.
  • Diversity of Services. We understand that recovery takes many forms, and our treatment is designed to reflect this. We offer detox, sober living, various outpatient programs, residential treatment, dual diagnosis treatment, and more. We will put together an effective plan of recovery to meet your particular needs.
  • Aftercare. Northbound Treatment Services understands that care doesn’t stop after the completion of a treatment program. Because of this, we offer an Alumni program that allows our patients to stay plugged in with our community and continue their journey alongside others that are in a similar recovery stage.

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Northbound Treatment offers the best rehab centers in California. Our programs and recovery centers have been chosen mindfully and nestled within the Orange County region of Southern California. Each program’s location, as well as its facilities, play a role in delivering our specialized form of addiction treatment that distinguishes Northbound’s continuum of care from other providers.





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