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Palm Springs is home to several treatment centers. Our Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center is counted as one of the most comprehensive treatment centers out there. We take care of different types of addictions and that includes both substance abuse and different mental health problems.

This is no secret that the world is severely affected by drug addiction. There are millions of people worldwide who have let drugs take charge of their lives while they sit back and watch their lives crumble right in front of them. Many people are suffering from problems such as drug addiction, alcohol addiction, and then finally addiction to prescribed drugs. The United States of America has been in constant battle with drug abuse and wants the community to be free from all plagues.

In the U.S. the number of people estimated to be involved in drug abuse has risen to 19.7 million by 2017. According to the statistics, every 1 in 8 people is addicted to drugs which is quite a lot. The statistics are an indication that this matter should be taken as seriously as possible. The people living in Palm Springs are no strangers to this and have been dealing with a drug abuse issue for the longest of time.

Drug Rehab & Alcohol Treatment in Palm Springs, CA

20 years back attitudes towards drug addiction was much different than it is now. Nowadays people have not only become more accepting of drug abuse but also hold sympathy for the addicts. They understand how people can sometimes make mistakes that can lead to them not being able to function like normal people. Since the stigma has been removed from drug addiction, there is no stigma surrounding rehabilitation centers.

People who struggle with substance use can now go for treatment without worrying about what society will think of them. This is why you mustn’t hesitate when you are supposed to get treatment. You can find many different treatment programs in Palm Springs that you can opt for. These treatment centers offer you services such as alcohol addiction, drug abuse, and other similar problems. Rehabilitation centers have now become more inclusive, they offer you treatment not just for your drug addiction but also for any underlying conditions.

Doctors believe that a patient can get better treatment if all underlying conditions are included in the equation. This helps them not just recover but maintain sobriety forever. For the betterment of the community and the treatment of substance use disorder, there are 14,500 rehabilitation centers operating.

If you are located in the vicinity of Palm Springs, Northbound Treatment Center is a great place for you to look into. Our team of experts makes our services definitely worth your while. We do not leave any stone unturned when it comes to providing you the treatment you need. Our main motive is to make sure our patients are recovered for a lifetime and do not fall back into the same patterns.

Statistics on Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Palm Springs California

8% of Californians have had a struggle with drug abuse between the years 2016 to 2016. That means that a total of 2.7 million people are suffering from drug addiction. It has been seen that half of these people were addicted to alcohol while less than half of them suffered from illicit drug addiction. There was also a percentage of people suffering from addiction to prescription drugs.

The majority of people suffering from drug addiction from 2015 to 2016 were between the ages of 18-25. 36% of them complained that they binge drank. And 24.2% of the people who binge drank were 26 years of age. The young adults also complain about drug and alcohol abuse. The ages of these people are between 12 to 17 years.

13% of 7 Graders – Alcohol Abuse

7.9% of 7 Graders- Marijuana Use

32% of 9 Graders- Alcohol Abuse

23.1% of 9 Graders – Cocaine Use

52% of 11 Graders – Alcohol Use

6.4% of 11 Graders- Cocaine Use

38% of 11 Graders- Marijuana Use

Is Drug Rehab in Palm Springs Right for You?

 America has had its fair share of drug addiction problems and continues to struggle with them. Society has faced adverse effects of drug addiction and it is about time that this issue was addressed. There has been a sharp increase in deaths related to drug abuse, especially in young adults.

More than 70,200 people have given up on their lives because of drug abuse as per the report from National Center For Health, 2017. The number was a lot lower in 1999 and has increased 5400 more. It is most commonly believed that illicit drugs are the sole reason why people overdose however, the truth says otherwise. There are several cases reported regarding drug abuse that relate directly to prescription drugs. The drugs involved in such cases are usually antidepressants which shows how big of a contributor are mental illnesses in drug abuse.

This is why experts have started showing keen interest in helping patients out with their mental illnesses so that they can get better treatment plans. If they target these mental illnesses they will be able to help the patient holistically. The Northbound Treatment center in Palm Springs California will focus on all that and more. All you need to do is give us the opportunity to help you out.

The Opioid Epidemic in Palm Springs, California

The opioid epidemic is not just limited to Palm Springs but can be seen all over the country. This is why it is a matter that needs to be addressed with vigor. Many people’s lives are in question and for that, it is essential that people start seeking help from rehabilitation centers. Many people have already faced a great deal of loss at the hands of this epidemic as it is becoming increasingly common.

According to a report by the Palm Springs Health Care Agency & Sheriff-Coroner 2017, the cases of opioid addiction leading to the emergency department have increased significantly between the years 2005 and 2011.

From 2011 to 2015 the cases increased drastically and now there were thousands of opioid abuse cases. 23% of these cases were emergency department visits and the rest were hospitalizations. For the cases related to heroin 80% of them were emergency department visits while the rest were hospitalizations. During this time, a total of 7457 people landed in the emergency department for their opioid-related problems. The cases were male-dominated while females were in a much lesser ratio. The exact numbers were 4,500 and 2,900, respectively. 39% of these problems were because of opioid abuse as they ended up in emergency department visits. 24% of the rest were involved in heroin poisoning.

Out of all the statistics, the most shocking was that only 1500 people go for treatment while the rest remain untreated. This is very alarming that a great deal of the population goes h. It is important that they get the help they need or society will face a great deal of problems in the near future. The need for rehabilitation treatment is evident.

Palm Springs Drug Rehabs: How Many Are They?

Palm Springs is not the hub of drug abuse-related problems, however, it does not nullify the fact that most of southern California are facing a great drug addiction problem. Since the problem is not just limited to Palm Springs, there are several reasons why rehabilitation centers should be sprawled all over the country.

You can guess the need for rehabilitation centers by looking at the statistics. In 2017 there was an 82% increase in deaths rooting in drug and alcohol abuse. There were 700 deaths in total and 500 were hospitalized. These incidents only took place because of the overuse of drugs and alcohol. The crux of the situation is that it does not matter whether Palm Springs does not have a big drug addiction problem while the rest of the country does.

Drug addiction has been known to ruin lives. Do not give it the liberty to prevent your loved ones from living the life that they were supposed to live. It is your responsibility as a 

normal functioning individuals to reach out to them and help them get the help they need. It is practically like saving their life. To make things easier for you, there are many different centers in Palm Springs that you can take your loved one to.

Palm Springs is a large part of Southern California which shows that out of the total 1,100 treatment centers a good number will surely fall into Palm Springs.

You can find rehabilitation centers of both public and private nature. It depends on you and what you would like to go for. Those treatment centers that are public are taken care of by the Palm Springs Health Care Agency. Since the problem is progressing rapidly, the solutions to it are too. Now you can see new centers opening everywhere.

Come to us and we pledge to provide you world-class services. We will take care of you and all your needs.

What Type of Alcohol Rehab Centers are in Palm Springs?

Not two addictions are the same so how can one expect them to be treated the same. They cannot be treated using the same treatment plans which is why it is a good idea to know what treatment options are available to you.

Inpatient Treatment Centers in Palm Springs

If you want constant supervision and an escape from your toxic environment, you must get in-patient treatment for your drug addiction. This type of treatment gives you a place to live for the course of your drug addiction treatment. This is because they want to ensure that the treatment is as effective as can be. The duration of the treatment depends on the severity of your drug addiction. However, typically drug addiction treatment usually lasts for 30-90 days. If you think that you cannot get over your addiction while you are surrounded by triggers, you need inpatient treatment.

When you get inpatient treatment you associate with people who are going through similar things as you and that can help you cope with your addiction. This helps with socializing and knowing that you are not alone. Patients living in such conditions are most likely to recover and learn. The only con of such a treat is that it can be quite expensive and not many people can afford that. Northbound Treatment Center offers you insurance services, contact us to get all the details you need.

Outpatient Treatment Centers in Palm Springs

Outpatient treatment entails that the patients do not have to stay in the facility. They can get their treatment and go back home as soon as they are done. This treatment is best for people who do have commitments back home and cannot just and leave their lives behind. They usually get done with their treatment during the day and go home in the evening.

This type of treatment is ideal for people who do not have a big drug problem and can deal with triggers of the outside world. If they have people to care for them, they do not have to get the support of those in the treatment center. The outpatient treatment usually lasts for a good 10-12 hours every week.

What Programs are offered in Palm Springs, California?

Palm Springs offer different types of treatment programs that depend solely on what the doctor has recommended to you and what suits you the best. It is important that you know what the treatment plan includes so that you get enrolled in the best program for yourself. Here are all the programs you can find in Palm Springs.

1. Medical Detox Programs

Medical detox is a compulsory program that most rehabilitation centers follow. Having withdrawal symptoms for your drug addictions can be quite difficult to bear. To deal with them, doctors offer a detox treatment that helps remove all drugs from the system of an individual. This way when they start their rehabilitation treatment, they do not have to suffer the adverse effects of their withdrawal.

2. Partial Hospitalization Programs

There are cases where intensive outpatient treatment is not enough and residential treatment is out of the question. In such cases, partial hospitalization is the way to go. This program is best for patients who need a little bit of more care and cannot commit to inpatient treatment. Their structure is however a lot similar to the inpatient program but is only based on a few hours less.

3. Support Group Programs 

Support group programs are a group of people that constitute people going through a similar problem. This treatment helps people share their problems with the group and that way they get the solace that there are other people suffering from the same problem. The support group has people from different stages of addiction. This helps the group altogether to learn from the experiences of other people. Valuable advice can be shared and tricks as to how one can cope with addiction are often very helpful.

4. Sober Living Home Programs 

Recovery is a crucial process and one must be very careful of the environment around them to ensure that they are recovering. It is very easy to fall back into the same patterns and this can hinder your recovery process. You might even relapse completely and need rehabilitation all over again. If you feel that your environment back home does not support your recovery you can enroll yourself in a sober living home. A sober living home helps you spend the time of your recovery in a place that is free from triggers.

5. Aftercare Support Programs 

After you are done with your recovery, you must take care. Getting rid of drug addiction is not that easy and to ensure you are well taken care of you must work on getting an aftercare support program. You can find different after-care support programs at Palm Springs, be sure to choose the right one.

Who We Are: Northbound in Palm Springs, California

Northbound treatment center is the first choice of many and rightfully so. We are motivated to help eradicate drug addiction from the country completely. We understand just how it is difficult to deal with drug addiction which is why we offer our expert assistance. Our experts are trained to deal with whatever comes our way and ensure that patients are well taken care of.

We give each of our patients’ individual attention so that they do not have to worry about not having a personalized experience. We take complete care of our customers and provide them with the assistance that is based on their exclusive addiction.

Our Facility in Palm Springs, California

A northbound Treatment center in Palm Springs offers you a great variety of treatments that you could enroll in. Our treatment plans can cater to any stage of your drug addiction: View the links below to get all the information you need.

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