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Does Magellan Cover Drug Rehab?

Addiction is a chronic and long-term disease that can dismantle your life permanently if you do not receive treatment. A common concern among individuals struggling with substance abuse is if their insurance will cover treatment and what the cost to them would be. For many, the answers to these questions can be a barrier to getting treatment

Magellan Healthcare is a medical health insurance provider that has been leading the way in changing how insurance companies provide coverage. Magellan Healthcare has approximately 33 million customers in the United States and continues to grow across the country. Magellan healthcare has three principles that help guide the care that they provide to their customers:

  1. Improvements to the prior authorization process; they have created automated services that can streamline authorization requests so that treatment can occur faster and more efficiently.
  2. Having a holistic approach; Magellan tries to focus on its member’s uniqueness, rather than focusing on the expenses they incur with various forms of treatment. They believe this mindset will help provide their members with the best possible care.
  3. Adjusting their delivery system; changes can improve their customer service, support the necessary networking developments, and collaborate with providers more effectively.

When it comes to addiction treatment, Magellan Healthcare can provide some coverage for treatment. Similar to other health care providers, the coverage you receive will depend on the specifics of your insurance plan and your individual treatment needs. 

A unique feature of Magellan health care is that they specialize in behavioral health, including substance abuse and various mental health concerns. Magellan works with over 77,000 mental health providers, many of whom specialize in addiction treatment. 

If you or a loved one requires addiction treatment, we encourage you to call (866)568-2722. Northbound is a Southern California alcohol rehab Magellan will provide some coverage for. We have a variety of treatment programs that can be used for drug and alcohol abuse. Please speak with a representative to learn more about how they can help you today.

What Does Magellan Cover for Rehab?

Magellan prides itself on providing “end-to-end” service that can be tailored to its members. Their service includes identifying members who may have a concern with substances, treatment, collaborative care, medication-assisted treatment, and peer support groups. This approach supports their principle of viewing their members as a person, compared to someone who utilizes a variety of services. 

With that being said, Magellan offers several different health care plans which will influence what treatment expenses they will cover. Factors that will play a role in your coverage include your premium and deductibles. They do offer healthcare plans that focus on addiction treatment compared to other health concerns.

Magellan can provide health care coverage for a variety of inpatient treatment programs, including detoxification, medication-assisted treatment, inpatient rehab treatment programs, dual-diagnosis treatment programs, and therapy. When we look at outpatient treatment programs, Magellan can provide coverage for individual therapy, continued medication-assisted therapy, and aftercare programs. 

The most effective route to learn what Magellan will cover for addiction treatment is to contact them directly. You can do so by utilizing their website services, or calling a service representative. When you speak directly to a Magellan representative, they can break down your plan’s coverage and provide a referral for a treatment provider if you need one. 

Northbound is an addiction treatment provider in southern California that can provide you with a variety of inpatient and outpatient programs. Our staff is experienced in providing mental health care treatment in addition to addiction concerns. To learn more about our available services, we invite you to call (866)568-2722 and speak with a representative today.

How Long Does Magellan Pay for Rehab?

Similar to other health care providers, the amount of treatment that Magellan will cover depends on several factors. The first would be your specific plan. As an example, you would need to pay your co-pays and meet your deductible before you would be able to submit claims to Magellan health care. Additionally, coverage will depend on whether or not the provider you choose is in-network or not. 

For some, the insurance coverage will not be enough to make it financially possible for them to get the treatment that they need. While this is a difficult and unfortunate situation, there are some alternative ways to pay for treatment. This can include taking out a loan or using governmental programs available in your area. If you find yourself in this situation, know that you are not the first, and will not be the last. Your care provider has been through this before so they can help guide and educate you about your options for financial assistance to help pay for your addiction treatment. 

Northbound provides addiction treatment in Orange County, California. We can provide you with a detoxification program, inpatient rehab program, partial hospitalization program, intensive outpatient program, dual-diagnosis treatment, and family programming. To learn more about our services, we invite you to call (866)568-2722 today.

Northbound Treatment Center, a Magellan Alcohol Rehab Center

Northbound is a Magellan insurance rehab in Southern California. We have four different treatment locations, each providing its own alcohol and drug abuse treatment. Among these locations, we offer a variety of treatment options, including detoxification, inpatient residential rehab, a partial hospitalization program, and an intensive outpatient program. 

We are the ideal location in Southern California if you have been struggling with drug or alcohol abuse. Our staff is equipped to provide you with mental health treatment for a variety of concerns, including anxiety disorder, emotional trauma, bipolar disorder, and borderline personality disorder. Our mental health care can occur in a group setting, educational group, or during individual sessions with our licensed Counselors. 


At Northbound, we find that many individuals need time to detox from the substances they are abusing. Our detox program includes 24/7 medical supervision and compassionate support from our medical staff. We understand that this process is often difficult and uncomfortable, so we work with you to decrease your discomfort when we can. We will also monitor you for complications that can occur during the withdrawal process.

Our partial hospitalization programs and intensive outpatient programs occur on an outpatient basis which means that you will only be in our facilities when you are receiving treatment. 

You are able to live at home, in a sober house, or in another environment where you feel safe in. Partial hospitalization programs involve longer treatment times, whereas intensive outpatient programs have shorter treatment times, allowing you to work it around your other responsibilities such as work or school. At Northbound, we can continue providing you with mental health treatment in both of these outpatient treatment programs.

At Northbound, we can also provide you with family therapy in our family program. Addiction is known to impact those closest to us, so it is understandable that they may need support adjusting to your sobriety. They watch while someone they love struggles in addiction and then support you when you begin your recovery. Families often experience concerns with trust, communication, and establishing healthy boundaries. 

Our family program will provide them with an understanding of the disease concept of addiction, health communication styles, establishing boundaries, and navigating the future. They will have the opportunity to engage in educational services, group sessions, and private family sessions. 

Northbound is a Magellan drug rehab in California that provides effective and compassionate treatment. We can work with you during the various stages of your recovery so that you can receive clinical support and treatment consistently through the beginning of your recovery. If you are ready to take the next step in your recovery journey, we invite you to call (866) 568-2722 to speak with a representative today.





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