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The addiction helpline blog category for Northbound treatment can offer a wide variety of topics.

If you or someone you know is facing an addiction, we are here to help. Often times it can be very scary to think you are alone in your battle for recovery. However, at Northbound Treatment Center we focus on helping individuals understand their disease, what led them to it, and how to change. People often have many questions and our addiction helpline is here to help answer some of those.

This blog category may not be limited to only help related topics. However, it could also help answer questions about all facets of addiction treatment. Help is something that Northbound strives to give to anyone seeking it from addiction.

The Northbound Treatment blogs will often contain a blend of many different viewpoints. Therefore, it is not recommended to be used as professional medical advice. If you believe that you or someone you love is suffering from substance abuse or mental illness, you should speak with your doctor.  However, if you do not have a doctor, we can help offer you recommendations based on your own personal situation. Please give us a call at (866) 511-2458 to discuss your options. 

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Looking at The Addicted Brain

Studying the human mind is a difficult and lengthy endeavor for medical scientists, psychologist, psychologists and other fields with interests there. The primary reason is …

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Ranking Substance Addictions

Just the idea of ranking addictions in any way can feel like attempting to figure out who is worse a cheater or a thief? But …

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The Future of Addiction Prevention Starts Today

An old say you may or may not have heard before is “Children are the messages we send into the future.”  But what if we …

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Drug Addiction and Neurobiology

The number of drug overdoses in 2018 was more than that of fatal car accidents for the first time ever which has been a motivator …

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suicide rates

Life Expectancy Being Affected by Addiction and Suicide Rates

To say that there’s a problem with addiction and mental health options for Americans is probably the nicest way to say it when put into …

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