Heroin Detox: What to Expect

Heroin detox is intense and can feel overwhelming, but it’s also temporary and the foundation needed to jumpstart your path to long-term recovery. A medically managed detox program is the best route of care to end dependency and provide the support you need during this process. Each person will have their own unique experience when Read More

Why Is Heroin So Addictive?

Heroin is a dangerous, addictive drug, but what makes heroin addictive? Heroin affects the neurons in the brain. We rely on our brain to regulate our basic functions and when there’s a change, it can have a detrimental effect on how we think, act, and feel. The brain is made up of a system of Read More

10 Facts About Heroin Addiction

Heroin derives from opium poppy plants that grow in Asia, Mexico, and Colombia. The hypnotic qualities of poppies were also used by the ancient Greeks for medicinal purposes. Over the centuries, heroin use in different forms has increased, particularly within the realm of prescription medication. In the early 2000s, reports of overdose and death from Read More

Signs and Symptoms of Heroin Addiction

There are various ways that heroin addiction can change your physical appearance and affect your mental health. Although it doesn’t occur right away, there are symptoms of heroin addiction that can lead in that direction. An obvious sign of heroin addiction is drug paraphernalia, since heroin is ingested by smoking, snorting, and injection.  Heroin is Read More

Treatments For Heroin Addiction

Heroin addiction is an unpredictable, complex disease that affects millions of people every year. Fortunately, there are several options that have proven successful in treatments for heroin addiction and maintaining sober living. As identified by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, treatment may include:  Medication Behavior counseling Evaluation and treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders Read More