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Recovery is the overarching term used to describe the process in which someone is working through a substance addiction the process of staying sober long term. For those working on recovery they are looking towards a life free of addiction and long-term sobriety.

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7 Ways to Maintain Sobriety After Rehab

When you graduate from a substance abuse program, that’s a HUGE accomplishment. No one can ever take that away from you. But spending 30 days …

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What Is Sober Living?

When it comes to addiction, getting sober is only half the journey. For many, transitioning out of a residential rehab program can be both freeing …

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What is Experiential Therapy?

The word “experiential” is used to describe things that are based on experience and observation. So, what is experiential therapy? Dating back to the 1940s, …

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A Guide to Art Therapy for Trauma

Trauma is a mental disturbance that develops after an individual experiences a traumatic event or a series of traumatic events. Examples include sexual abuse, violence, …

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A Guide to Accelerated Resolution Therapy

Accelerated resolution therapy (ART) is a type of innovative psychotherapy that can be a highly beneficial form of treatment for those suffering from addiction and …

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