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Whether you work in addiction treatment, education, banking, or something completely different, one thing remains the same – the importance of a shared vision. This vision is what keeps everyone moving in the same direction and working toward the same goals. It creates a sense of unity and makes employees feel valued and as though they’re making a positive difference. But the question is, how do you take your organization from its current state to a shared vision that drives success?

First, evaluate where your organization is at and where you want it to be. What is working well and what procedures need refining? Are there areas where expectations and processes need to be adjusted to better align with the organization’s vision? Establish a vision that has purpose and clear goals to keep things moving forward, then assess how your organization matches up with carrying out this vision.

Next, gather employee feedback and insight. Your employees are the ones on the front lines. Get them actively involved in identifying areas for improvement and sharing how they envision the future of the organization. What is most important to them and what values are essential?

Create a strategic plan that includes supports and necessary resources. What do employees need to be successful and execute on the organization’s vision? How will you measure progress and keep everyone on track? Developing a well thought-out and structured plan takes time and collaboration.

Finally, communicate the vision and goals. Make sure employees understand how they fit into the big picture and what their roles are. Set clear expectations and strategies for carrying out the organization’s vision and provide regular feedback regarding progress. You want to ensure that everyone is on the same page and stays informed.

Having a shared vision can help your organization to operate more effectively, boost employee satisfaction, and drive positive results. Northbound is passionate about engaging employees and promoting collaboration and feedback to continue making the organization the best it can be.

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