The Benefits of Group Therapy for Substance Abuse

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The Benefits of Group Therapy for Substance Abuse

If you are about to enter drug treatment, you no doubt understand that group therapy will be part of your individualized treatment program. On the surface, you may be anxious and even afraid of participating in group therapy for substance abuse. The thought of sharing your innermost thoughts and vulnerabilities with complete strangers may give you second thoughts. While your apprehension is understandable, addiction group therapy is a powerful tool that will empower you to break the vicious cycle of addiction once and for all.

What is Group Therapy?

Simply defined, group therapy is the treatment of multiple patients at once by one or more therapists or other healthcare providers. The size of the group is usually around 10-12 people, but group size can vary depending on the therapy type. The philosophy behind group therapy is that we are naturally social creatures. As social beings, we want to surround ourselves with others to feel a sense of bonding and belonging.

With this in mind, substance abuse group therapy brings people together to provide encouragement and support. With the help of experienced therapists, people within the group can share what they feel and experience in a safe and supportive environment. The support system that is created in group therapy allows people to develop healthy social and coping skills that are very beneficial in minimizing the risk of relapse.

What are the Benefits of Group Therapy?

The benefits of group therapy for substance abuse are transformative and can help you achieve long-term recovery. The first and most obvious benefit is the solid support from therapists and your peers. With solid group support, you won’t feel alone in your struggles with addiction, and they will help celebrate your small victories. Addiction group therapy also provides you with a sounding board for issues you are having in your recovery. Hearing the viewpoint of others gives you a broader perspective of what you are dealing with and how you can better handle your situation.

Group therapy for substance abuse is also beneficial because it provides motivation for you to succeed. When you see others overcome obstacles and move forward, it will push you to work harder in your recovery. Additionally, interacting with others in group therapy for substance abuse enhances your own social skills. You will learn not only how to communicate with others; you will also learn how to actively listen to others. In general, group therapy is less expensive than individual therapy.

Most importantly, substance abuse group therapy helps you learn more about yourself. You therapist and recovering peers act as a mirror so you can take a more truthful look at yourself. This allows you to take off the blinders and take a deeper look at the issues which are holding you back from addressing and overcoming your substance abuse issues.

How to Find Group Therapy Programs in Orange County

Substance abuse group therapy is essential for long-term recovery. If you are looking for drug treatment, you need to ensure that group therapy is a part of your individualized treatment plan. 

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