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Having a family member in addiction treatment can be challenging. While most families are supportive of the recovery process and helping their loved ones get the help they need, it can be difficult to see a loved one struggling away from home. Despite the challenge, supportive family members can greatly increase the chances of long-term sobriety.

At Northbound Treatment Center, we encourage visits from loved ones at our addiction treatment center. Drug and alcohol addiction treatment can be challenging aspects to navigate, so we ask individuals to come prepared with patience, an open mind, and compassion when visiting our drug addiction or alcohol rehab center in Newport Beach, and know their presence is helping support the journey to healing.

How to Support Your Loved one in Addiction Treatment or Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Those with a loved one who has a drug addiction or mental health disorders may experience a wide range of emotions when visiting the treatment center. Below are practical ways to effectively support a loved one during your stay:

Visit the Addiction Treatment Center

In beautiful California, it can be easy to forgo the treatment center and opt for the beach instead. However, it is important that your loved one shows you where they have been living and the coping skills they have learned. These visits can remind individuals why they made the decision to seek help for their substance use disorders and be an encouragement for the journey ahead.

Understand their Addiction Treatment Plan and Recovery Process

For some, residential treatment is the only program needed for long-term sobriety. Others may require multiple programs to overcome a substance use disorder, including drug or alcohol detox to navigate withdrawal symptoms, inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, and occasionally, a sober living home to maintain lasting recovery. Connect with the admission team so you know what to expect and provide an encouraging word for the journey ahead.

Be Aware of Associated Mental Health Disorders

Many individuals who struggle with drug addiction or alcohol addiction may also suffer from mental health issues. Those who experience co-occurring disorders require specialized treatment and continued support when their addiction treatment programs have come to an end to ensure lasting sobriety.

Support the Recovery Process

Seeking addiction treatment is a brave decision that requires strength and perseverance. Start talking with your loved one about support groups or aftercare programs to attend when their treatment program is complete. A positive home environment and supportive family can help prevent relapse and continue on the journey to healing.

Places to Stay Near your Newport Beach Recovery Center

We know having a family member in addiction treatment programs can be challenging. At Northbound Treatment Center, we do our best to provide you with the resources necessary when visiting your loved one in Southern California.

Getting to Southern California

If you are flying to California in order to visit a loved one, we recommend flying into John Wayne airport, a major airport near Newport Beach CA. This is a widely accessible airport that has several flights to and from locations all over the United States.

Amenities Near Newport Beach CA

Orange County has several beautiful hotels and vacation rentals available, as well as a gorgeous coastal view with enticing coffee shops and excellent restaurants. When you are ready to book your trip to visit a loved one seeking addiction treatment, reach out to our admissions team. They can recommend amenities that meet your needs and your price range.

Things to Do in Southern California

Whether you thrive in nature or enjoy city life, Newport Beach has a variety of attractions available so you can balance your time between visiting your loved one, and experiencing the natural beauty and exciting social scene that Southern California has to offer. From gorgeous beaches to boutique shops and cafes, we hope you take advantage of your time in Orange County and reach out for recommendations on how to create a positive experience for everyone.

Making the Most of Your Trip to Orange County

Helping a loved one is navigating substance abuse, drug addiction, or co-occurring disorders can be a complex process. After all – it can be hard to relax and enjoy yourself when you know a loved one is struggling. However, addiction specialists suggest that letting your loved ones know you are there to support them is powerful for the recovery process. Consider the following when visiting a family member at Northbound, or another Newport Beach rehab center.

Understand Recovery is a Challenging Journey

The recovery journey is filled with unique and specific challenges. Don’t assume you understand the struggles your loved one is facing, and listen attentively when they speak about the mental and physical difficulties they have encountered. For some recovering addicts, a wide range of treatment options can be beneficial, so encourage your loved one to attend group therapy, evidence-based treatment, and other therapeutic programs that may aid in their progress.

Ask for Help When Necessary

Substance abuse can be frustrating for friends and family to understand – especially if relationships have been strained due to an individual’s alcohol or drug addiction. We encourage you to do your research on substance disorder treatment and speak to others who have been in similar situations. The best treatment centers will be able to connect you with support groups for families who are experiencing the challenges of having a loved one undergoing addiction treatment. Please reach out if this is something that could be beneficial to you.

Take Advantage of Your Time in Orange County California

Whether you call California home, or this is your first time visiting Newport Beach, taking the time to connect with your loved one is a genuine way to show your support for their substance abuse recovery.

Drug rehab centers such as Northbound don’t only prioritize the drug or alcohol problem. Instead, we create treatment services that integrate mental health, family relationships, and sustainable aftercare services into each of our programs. If you have any questions about your trip to visit Newport Beach California, or what is included in your loved one’s treatment plans, reach out to us at any time. Our team of dedicated professionals is here to help you and your loved one find long-term recovery. Reach out today.

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