Drug and Alcohol Treatment Activities – Having Fun In Recovery

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Last updated December 18, 2008

Activities in drug and alcohol treatment are an important part of drug rehab. Learning how to have fun in sobriety is one of the most important aspects of long-term recovery from addiction. If a person cannot learn how to have fun in their new sober life, then their motivation to remain sober will eventually deteriorate. Some people who have a long history of substance abuse, particularly methamphetamine abuse, will suffer from something called Anhedonia. Anhedonia is an inability to experience pleasure from normally pleasurable life events such as social interaction and sexual activity.

According to the DSM (Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders Fourth Edition) anhedonia is a key symptom in depression. Many people who enter drug and alcohol rehab suffer from anhedonia and it often takes a long period of abstinence for a person to regain pleasure from life. Drugs such as cocaine and methamphetamine deplete the brain’s dopamine and can cause damage to the Pleasure Pathway in the brain. Often times medication is used to help boost the dopamine system in the brain and restore it to normal levels. Still, people in sobriety will have to learn how to have fun again. For years the alcoholic and addict has used substances to help them lower inhibitions and subsequently have fun. When the alcoholics or addict enters their sober life, they often have forgotten how to have fun without drugs or alcohol. At Northbound we encourage our clients to have fun. We take them to sober social events during the Holidays, take them on fun activities on Saturdays, and our College Program pays special attention to creating fun, meaningful activities for the college students. Past activities have included snowboarding, go-cart racing, fishing, and more.

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