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Northbound treats substance abuse and co-occurring mental health issues using evidence-based and experiential therapies. As a leading rehab in Orange County, CA, we offer career guidance and conduct specialized sessions for college students to help them lead productive lives after treatment.

How To Know If I Am Ready for Rehab Treatment?

If your addiction prevents you from leading your best life, it is time you join our mental health and substance use treatment. While nobody is ever ready to put their life on hold to seek professional treatment for substance abuse, this is necessary to prevent health complications and more devastating consequences along the way.

It is normal to have doubts before signing up for co-occurring disorder treatment. Instead of waiting for the feeling of readiness, consult an addiction treatment provider to help you understand the severity of your substance use and co-occurring mental disorders and make a timely decision. The sooner you seek help for addiction, the better the chances of attaining a safe, speedy, and sustainable recovery.

How Can I Pay for Substance Abuse Treatment?

Most recovering addicts procrastinate attending rehab, worrying about the treatment cost. However, rehab costs should not be a deterrent in helping you seek the professional care and support you need to recover from addiction. Most insurance plans cover the cost of substance abuse treatment. You may use private insurance plans like United Healthcare, Cigna, Aetna, etc., to pay for dual diagnosis addiction treatment.

Alternatively, the Affordable Care Act includes drug and alcohol disorders as one of the 10 essential health benefits central to the ACA. ACA-sponsored plans treat substance abuse and mental health disorders with the same importance as any other medical condition and offer up to 90% expense coverage.

Also, insurance programs like Medicaid and Medicare cover rehab Orange County CA costs for specific population segments. If these are not viable options, you can use private funding and financing, crowdfunding, or state and local government programs to pay for addiction treatment. Speak to the admissions office at some of the top co-occurring addiction treatment centers near you to verify your insurance and other payment-related inquiries.

How Do I Speak to My Employer About My Rehab Treatment?

Addiction often takes a toll on your performance at work. It will cause you to fall behind on responsibilities, skip shifts, prevent you from focusing, etc. The sooner you inform the employer of your intention to seek professional help, the better the chances of keeping your job post-treatment. Here is how you can do that:

  • Be transparent with your boss about your willingness to seek help.
  • Coordinate with your boss and coworkers and request them to take care of your work projects while you are away for treatment.
  • If you are not comfortable telling your colleagues about your rehab treatment, tell them you are taking a leave of absence.

Call 866-311-0003 to sign up for treatment with the #1 rehab in Orange County, CA. Northbound specializes in dual diagnosis treatment and creates personalized recovery plans for each patient to help them garner the best outcome in recovery. Sobriety is closer to you than you think, provided you join the best facility for your recovery. Contact us today.

Rehab Orange County Ca
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Rehab Orange County Ca
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