Drug And Alcohol Rehab Orange County

For any addict seeking to be admitted into a rehab facility, the biggest challenge is having many different options of addiction treatment facilities. Some may opt for individual counseling facilities, while others may opt for group counseling. To determine the most appropriate one, we advise mental health and substance use addicts to sit with a therapist to discuss their options. Many facilities always confirm that the patient meets the criteria for admission before they can take them in, and this is done by ensuring the patient is taken through the best fit solution for their situation.

Before admission, patients are taken through a one-on-one counseling session with a professional who will be able to determine their needs. Sessions in our drug and alcohol rehab Orange County facility are scheduled weekly and conducted by psychologists, licensed social workers, therapists, or clinical social workers. The most significant advantage of this procedure while addressing Substance use and co-occurring mental disorders is that the patient has a provision for fixing schedules on when is best to meet with the counselor. The procedure can be done at their own pace and convenience. On the contrary, the success of the entire process depends on how self-motivated the patient will be, considering it is not intensive and restrictive to the addict.

Group counseling enables the patients to meet with other recovering addicts for a peer-to-peer support session where they can discuss the issues and help each other develop capabilities on how they can be able to control triggers and relapse urges. This process allows the addict in Co-occurring addiction treatment centers to get social support in their recovery journey. It is effective. After all, they can adopt new behavior and habits in safe environments with peers who have had the same experience. They can also gain social skills while communicating in a group environment. Despite its merits, there is a possibility of a breach of confidentiality because the information is with the group members. Some people are uncomfortable around groups and may shy away from sharing personal experiences.

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is a treatment procedure that includes methadone or suboxone administered to patients who are hooked to opiates. Patients undergoing Dual diagnosis addiction treatment take the medication once a day. MAT helps the patients from having withdrawal symptoms, and it is advisable to combine it with counseling to help the addict with psychological, social, and physical issues that arise from the addiction. MAT is considered a harm reduction treatment and focuses on reducing the adverse effects of addiction, such as disease and criminal activity. Once the patient starts taking the drug, it enables them to physically stabilize and start working on the long-term success of their treatment.

MAT is a long-term treatment; however, some addicts would resort to remaining on the medication for their entire life, so full recovery may not be realized. There have been reported cases of Co-occurring disorder treatment of patients who abuse the drug or sell it for business. Many patients have overdosed on MAT drugs resulting from the wrong prescription during treatment. Addiction is a lifelong disease that requires prolonged treatment, and patients who commit themselves to intensive programs that last longer realize the best outcomes.

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Drug And Alcohol Rehab Orange County
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Drug And Alcohol Rehab Orange County
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