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Newport Beach Rehab

Our main aim is to help people struggling with mental health and substance use lead happy, healthy, productive, and fulfilling lives through various treatments offered by our licensed clinical and medical professionals. Our treatment strategies are tailored to enable our facilities to set the highest standards of patient care.

We offer a residential treatment program that enables patients to focus on their recovery healing and reflection by providing a change of scenery and environment where caring professionals and peers surround them to provide added support on their road to recovery. Outpatient services are also provided for those unable to relocate to a residential setting for a prolonged time.

What Treatments Do We Offer?

We provide practical strategies and services to identify, treat, and manage substance use and co-occurring mental disorders. We offer several treatment services such as:

Behavioral Therapy

This treatment aims to reinforce desirable behaviors while eliminating undesirable ones.

We apply the use of two behavioral therapies:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

The primary purpose of cognitive-behavioral therapy is to assist individuals in seeing how their defective schemas or fundamental beliefs influence their actions and negatively impact their quality of life. This strategy focuses on helping patients recognize, avoid and cope with the situations in which they are most likely to use drugs.

  • Motivational Incentives (or contingency management)

With this strategy, we provide tangible incentives to patients in substance abuse treatment based on objective markers of drug abstinence, e.g., clean urine tests to encourage abstinence.


Pharmacotherapy is the treatment of health conditions using pharmaceutical products as medication, often referred to as “medication-assisted treatment” (MAT). It involves replacing addictive substances with legally prescribed alternatives.

Our comprehensive treatment plan uses prescribed pharmaceuticals to lessen the severity of withdrawal symptoms, drug cravings, and the chance of relapse. We also employ medications, counseling, and behavioral therapies to treat opioid dependence.

This therapy enables people to stabilize and live more productive lives by

  • improving their physical and mental health
  • social functioning
  • capacity to acquire and hold jobs.
  • Addressing opioid-related health problems and risk behaviors, e.g., lowering the risk of overdoses and virus infections associated with injecting drug usage

Evidence-Based Treatment

Our facilities offer evidence-based approaches to drug addiction treatment with various research-based therapies and methods to personalize each client’s recovery program.

Evidence-based practice in addiction treatment guarantees that clients receive the most effective care possible while enhancing treatment results. We employ interactive journaling, cognitive behavior therapy, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, and twelve-step facilitation therapy.

Integrated Treatment

Integrated dual disorder treatment can assist addiction and mental health practitioners in their work. People struggling with mental addiction often suffer from other mental issues, a condition involving co-occurring disorders, often referred to as dual diagnosis. Dual diagnosis patients require highly specialized facilities that offer integrated care tailored to co-occurring disorder treatment.

Do you require assistance with a drug or alcohol addiction? Do you believe that there are other mental disorders at play? If so, take a trip to our top-of-the-line co-occurring addiction treatment centers to get more guidance and a prominent level of individual care.

Please contact Northbound at 866-311-0003 or email info@livingsober.com to start your recovery journey.





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