Northbound’s Addiction Treatment Orange County: Our Men’s and Women’s Recovery Communities

Northbound’s rehab in Orange County is located in the heart of beautiful Newport Beach and provides evidenced-based therapies and a full continuum of care to help you recover and achieve long-term recovery from addiction.  

Northbound Treatment is nestled in the coastal region of Orange County, California, a breathtakingly beautiful place that provides an inspiring, peaceful atmosphere to focus on healing. At Northbound’s Rehab Treatment Center in Newport Beach, participants in our Residential and Outpatient Programs enjoy privacy and safety in our modern accommodations, where we treat women and men suffering from addiction, co-occurring mental health problems, and trauma.  

Our Orange County Residences 

All of Northbound’s male and female residential houses reflect the quality and attention to detail, grounded in our mantra that an environment designed for success supports expectations of one’s best. Our gallery reflects our campus facilities and a selection of rooms pulled from both our men’s and women’s living accommodations.


What Makes Northbound’s Rehab in Orange County Special

Newport Beach in Orange County, California, is one of the world’s most naturally stunning spots. Situated between San Diego to the south and Los Angeles to the north, Orange County, California, has a casually sophisticated vibe all its own. Reminiscent of the Mediterranean, with 42 miles of pristine beaches, this area of Southern California is rich in natural beauty. 

Northbound’s incredible success rates are due, in part, to our InVivo® model, which empowers participants to interact with the outside world while in a safe and supportive clinical setting.  Our philosophy and ultimately our success rates, prioritize how important community is, and unlike isolated treatment scenarios whereby returning to the ‘real world’ can trigger risky behaviors, at Northbound rehab in orange county, while intermixed with group therapy and your participation within our Residential or Intensive Outpatient Programs, you may venture to the local kickboxing gym.  If you’re enrolled in our Collegebound® Signature Service, you may be attending class at one of the top universities in our backyard such as the University of Southern California or the University of California at Irvine.

In Newport Beach, interacting with the outside world can be really fun. The beach is a regular part of our day: we surf enthusiasts go surfing twice a week. We go to the grocery store, we grill, and we work out. There are camping trips underneath thousand-year-old trees in the stunning Sequoia National Park in Northern California. 


Our Addiction Treatment Orange CountyFacilities  

Our gender-responsive Residential Programs, including our Christian-Based Residential Treatment Program LINKS, offer privacy and safety in surroundings of natural beauty. Northbound hosts young adults in gender-specific, well-appointed private homes with comfortable common areas. Our facilities include peaceful gardens, music rooms, gyms, and shared outdoor spaces for yoga and meditation.  

Our Orange County facilities are made up of seven buildings, all within walking distance to one another, and all within walking distance to the beach and nature preserves. All of our well-appointed spaces offer privacy and quiet; that includes 180 Detox, our Residential houses (both Men’s and Women’s), and our Sober Living in Orange County houses. The accommodations are comfortable. Our standalone houses are contemporary in design; the communal space is generally shared with one or several people, with a kitchen, bathroom and washer/dryer in the unit. The beating heart of the program is a modern, beautiful 23,000-square-foot clinical building, complete with a state-of-the-art gym, a recording studio for our Music Program, and a wellness room filed with Biosound® Therapy massage chairs, that has brought new meaning to the notion of self-guided meditation. Through technology innovation, the Biosound® Therapy System is a vibrational platform constructed with memory foam and integrated with an audio/visual delivery system. The Biosound® Therapy System utilizes precisely choreographed music that is synchronized with low-frequency sine tones and binaural beats that help us learn out to focus on mindfulness, which can be a powerful anxiety-alleviating tool. 

Programs offered at Northbound’s Rehab in Orange County 

Northbound’s Newport Beach facility provides evidence-based therapies offered by our licensed clinicians that help you address the symptoms and underlying causes of addiction, reduce the risk of relapse, and build the life you’ve always wanted.


  • Medication-Assisted Treatment 
  • Medication Management
  • 24-Hour Nursing Staff
  • Therapeutic Interventions & Activities 
  • Daily Visits with Experienced Addiction Doctors 


  • 4-Day Intensive Family Program
  • Well-Appointed Homes
  • Psychiatric Care
  • Individual Group Therapy
  • Psychoeducation
  • Evidence-Based Therapies


  • Individual and Group Therapy 
  • Individual Case Management 
  • Therapeutic Toxicology Services 
  • Recreational Activities 
  • Day and Evening Programming 
  • Vocational and Evening Programming 

Support & Monitoring 

  • Individual Recovery Coaching 
  • Individual Therapy
  • Goal Setting and Follow-Up 
  • Online Case Management
  • Onsite and Offsite Programming 
  • Alcohol & Drug Testing