Programs Available at Northbound

At Northbound, we understand that developing a durable recovery lifestyle takes time. Research shows that relapse rates drop steadily the longer an individual enjoys the support of treatment, with recommendations for individuals in early recovery to engage in some form of treatment for a minimum of one year. In response to this reality, our mission is to assist our clients in celebrating that first precious year of continuous sobriety.

To effectively meet clients’ needs at each phase of this journey, Northbound is proud to offer a full continuum of care that spans from detox to aftercare. Regardless of where a client is in their emerging recovery process, they can find a program at Northbound to fit their needs. Many clients begin with detox and choose to take the next step to build a solid foundation for recovery with residential treatment. Others progress directly to one of our outpatient programs where they apply the skills necessary to live a life free from substances with ongoing support and coaching. Northbound is adaptable to clients’ needs and provides gender-responsive, evidence-based treatment in an environment that empowers clients to truly live life on life’s terms.

Aside from the foundational treatment programs of detox, residential treatment, outpatient treatment, and aftercare, Northbound also offers a variety of signature services including LINKS (a Christian faith-based program), Collegebound, Careerbound®, and a comprehensive Trauma Program. This allows clients to create a more personalized experience that supports their individual goals and ongoing recovery.

I Would Like to Learn More About One of the Programs or Signature Services Above

If you are interested in learning more about any of Northbound’s programs or signature services, or if you have questions about the treatment and recovery process in general, we encourage you to contact Northbound today. Staff is available to assist you in determining if Northbound is the right fit for you or a loved one.