Learn about and discover drug, alcohol, and treatment resources in Washington state. Plus, find the best treatment and rehabilitation centers throughout WA.

According to a recent report, Washington has been struck by drug abuse with a 134% increase in opioids cases in the last few years. Alcohol abuse also topped the charts of the most abused drug with at least 16% of adults reported binge drinking more than once in the last few months.

This explains the increase in the number of substance-induced deaths in the state, which stands at 15 per 100,000 people. This figure is above the national average of 14 deaths per 100,000 people.

Fortunately, there are a good number of rehab centers to help curb the drug epidemic.

Here are some treatment resources in Washington State and the treatment programs offered;

How Many Treatment Centers Are in Washington?

True to its enormous size, Washington State has a vast collection of treatment centers. Nonetheless, the following is a list of our best pick;

1. Cedar Grove Counseling

Established decades ago, Cedar Grove Counseling Center has grown into a renowned rehab. It specializes in the treatment of alcohol and all other drugs dependency. It accepts both adolescents and adults. It also works with the government to provide treatment to court-ordered patients.

The center offers a 12-step treatment program with mandatory detoxification for all patients. The treatment program lasts about six months, with group sessions to prevent relapse.

2. Spokane Addiction Recovery Center

Spokane Recovery Center is rehab homes that seek to provide affordable health services for all addictions.

The center consists of two groups, each providing gender-specific accommodation to residing patients. There’s also a separate facility designed to offer outpatient services.

Treatment begins with a series of tests to determine the type of addiction.

The therapists also offer one-on-one counseling to address co-occurring disorders.

3. The Sundown M Ranch

This treatment facility provides addiction recovery programs to adolescents, adults, and senior citizens.

On top of the 12 step-based programs, the center prioritizes patients’ dietary habits. It provides meal plans for optimum nutritional value.

Adolescents can continue with school while undergoing treatment. This difference sets the facility apart from others.

4. Sunrise Center

The Sunrise center offers substance addiction treatment to all adults at a reasonable fee. It’s best known for its flexible appointments. Thus, it’s ideal for court-mandated DUI (driving under the influence) education.

Inpatients have access to interest-free accommodation with round the clock availability of caregivers. Detox programs, psychotherapy, and group sessions are also offered as relapse prevention measures.

5. Agape Unlimited

This facility focuses on men, expectant mothers, and families struggling with the effects of substance abuse. The recovery starts with an Intensive Outpatient Program that focuses on holistic wellbeing.

The facility also offers treatment to the homeless and also provides living spaces.

What Types of Treatment Centers are in Washington State?

Although picking a treatment program is a personal choice, its best to know the types of treatment offered. In rehabilitation centers; to help you choose the suitable one for you or your loved one.

Here are the main types of treatment centers in Washington State;

Residential Treatment

Residential treatment aims at getting the patient away from the triggers them to abuse drugs. For this reason, a recovery center provides a safe and secure place of residence. It comes with qualified professionals to monitor the patient’s progress.

Stay-in treatment can last from weeks up to months. Treatment length depends on the extent of addiction and severity of co-occurring issues.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient programs allow for flexibility between personal life and substance recovery treatment. The patient attends therapy either during the day or evening and then goes back home.

Usually, the sessions last for a couple of hours each week, so you’re sure of fulfilling your treatment plans and continue to go to work or attend school.

However, therapists recommend this treatment to patients who have excellent support from friends and family. They’ll help monitor the patient’s progress, when away from the treatment center.

If the patient’s addiction is too adverse, outpatient treatment may not be as highly effective as residential treatment.

What Programs Are Offered in Washington State?

The main treatment programs provided include;

Counseling Sessions

Drug counseling sessions take place in a therapeutic setting with the aim of stopping or reducing illicit drug or alcohol use. The sessions also focus on other areas impaired by substance use, such as employment status, family, and social relations.

Counseling can be as individualized or group sessions. They’ll help patients reflect on mental-behavioral contingency.

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

MAT refers to the use of medicated drugs to reduce cravings and other symptoms associated with withdrawal from substance abuse.

The medications inhibit the rewarding sensation that comes from using drugs. They can also induce a negative feeling upon abusing a substance.

Evidence-Based Treatment

This is a form of ‘comprehensive care’ that comprises of various treatment plans recommended by drug abuse research teams.

The treatment plan focuses on restoring the social life of a patient by helping them experience the rewards of a drug-free life.

Patients are also taught alternative ways to cope with trigger mechanisms that may cause a relapse.

Treatment Resources in Washington State

While enrolling in a treatment center is one step, the recovery process will be quicker and easier if the patient has the self-will to change. This may demand a complete change in lifestyle and even committing to long hours of treatment sessions when the need be.

Be sure to follow the above guide for an insight into the most recommended treatment resources in Washington State, and what to expect from each one of them.

If you’re in Seattle, you’re welcome to visit us at Northbound Treatment Facility. We offer comprehensive addiction treatment plans, in conjunction with follow-up therapy sessions for complete recovery.