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Drug, Alcohol and Treatment Resources
in Everett, Washington

Take back your life from substance abuse. Our list of treatment resources in Everett, Washington provides invaluable information for those seeking recovery.

You hear about the drug and opioid crisis, but did you know the damage is so close to home? In just 2014 alone, there were 718 drug overdoses, from opioids. That’s not mentioning the other drug and substance-related deaths.

And of all the deaths that overdosed in 2014, 60% of them involved opioids. That’s a significant amount.

Want an even worse statistic? One if four people who are prescribed opioids from a medical doctor become addicted. That’s a 25% addiction rate straight from the medical community.

While these are state-wide statistics, the damage is local too, in Everett. If you already know that due to a friend or family member needing treatment resources in Everett, Washington, keep reading.

How Many Treatment Resources in Everett, Washington Are There?

Just because there are several treatment resources around you, doesn’t mean they’re right for you or your loved one. Recovery is a very tricky process, especially with the high addiction rate of opioids.

The difference between a life-saving recovery success and relapse after recovery comes down to the quality of the center. Are their staff all trained and certified? Do they understand the complexities of dual diagnoses in addiction?

Make sure you do your research and read reviews before you choose any treatment center, no matter how good they look on the website.

In Everett, specifically, there are quite a few treatment centers, here are some to research.

  • Everett Addiction Treatment: Detox, Drug/Alcohol
  • Everett Recovery Centers Women Unit: Drug/Alcohol, substance abuse, halfway house
  • Everett Outpatient Lakeside Milam: Drug/Alcohol abuse treatment
  • Port Gardner Bay Recovery: Drug/Alcohol abuse treatment
  • Providence Behavioral Health Services Providence Regional Medical Center: Drug/Alcohol medication asst treatment
  • Sea Mar Community Health Centers, Everett: Mental Health and Drug Rehab
  • Catholic Community Services Recovery Center: Religious Drug/Alcohol treatment
  • Therapeutic Health Services Snohomish/Everett: Drug/Alcohol treatment
  • Evergreen Manor Inc Outpatient: Alcohol/Drug abuse treatment, halfway house

As you can see, there are many treatment centers in the Everett area. But is there a benefit to staying local for recovery?

Most people believe that when you get a change of scenery along with your recovery, you do better. It’ll get you or your loved one away from problematic friends or family members that encourage using (or use as well).

A city like Seattle may be the perfect fit for your recovery journey. It’s far enough away that it’s not your home, but not too far to be cost prohibitive.

If you’re looking for an inpatient recovery center, consider looking at options in Seattle.

What Types of Treatment Centers are in Everett, WA?

Out of all the centers above, there are a few main types of treatment centers. In the most overarching of terms, there are inpatient and outpatient treatment centers.

Inpatient Treatment Centers

A lot of people have more success in an inpatient treatment center than an outpatient one. That’s because being in an inpatient facility gives you a controlled, drug-free, and supportive environment to work on your recovery.

You live and process with other recovering addicts, under the care of nurses and technicians, trained to help you in your recovery journey.

Not everyone can take time off work and away from their family for an inpatient program, though, even though they’re very effective.

For those people, there is another alternative.

Outpatient Programs

Outpatient programs are recovery programs where you still live and work in your home environment. They’re more challenging to get through than inpatient programs if you live or work with someone that also uses.

There’s a lot more self-motivation that goes into outpatient programs, as you have to get yourself to the classes and sessions.

But if you commit, you have a good chance of recovering.

The most popular outpatient recovery program you probably know about is Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous. Their program works for many people, but not all. There is a religious component “let go and let god,” which not all people are comfortable with.

What Programs are Offered in Everett, WA?

Other than inpatient and outpatient programs, there’s also dual diagnosis treatment and medically assisted recovery.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Almost half of all people with a substance abuse problem have a mental health issue too. This is called a co-occurring disorder when two issues combine and interact.

In terms of mental health and substance abuse, either part of the dual diagnosis can happen first. For example, someone might start abusing alcohol because they feel it helps treat their depression (albeit temporarily).

On the other hand, someone can develop depression from over-abusing alcohol. It’s a chemical depressant, and it can create life-circumstances (like isolating friends and family) that also feed into depression.

Over 7.9 million people in the US suffer from both an addiction and a mental health problem.

For the best results, find a recovery center that’s well versed in dual diagnoses treatment. Even if you don’t believe you or your loved one has a mental disorder. They’re much more common than you’d think!

Medically Assisted Treatment

When you detox from drugs or alcohol, there’s a period where the physical withdrawal symptoms can be fatal. Medically assisted treatment centers keep patients safe by using non-habit forming medications to get patients through the most dangerous part of withdrawal.

These centers have medical staff on hand to catch any emergencies and to keep them from developing.

Getting Help in and Around Everett, WA

Are you desperate to find help for yourself or a loved one? Hopefully this list of treatment resources in Everett, Washington helped you find the information that you need.

If you can take the trip out to Seattle for recovery, look into our center. We put all of our resources into our patients and their success.

Talk to a counselor to see how.

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