Drug and Alcohol Treatment Seattle Washington

Northbound’s Seattle rehab center is a behavioral healthcare provider. We specialize in substance abuse treatment for adults and young adults. Those who are suffering from addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders can find help here. Thus, we are a dual diagnosis treatment facility.

We offer outpatient rehab and sober living facilities in Lower Queen Anne, Seattle. Licensed clinicians at our Seattle treatment center work closely with professional referral sources and together with family members and clients to determine the best level of care.

Those who enroll in our outpatient rehab and sober living programs enjoy privacy and safety. But, they are still able to experience everything Seattle has to offer, from kayaking to hiking to fishing!

Programs Offered at Northbound Seattle

At Northbound’s Seattle rehab center, we provide the latest in evidence-based therapies and a full continuum of outpatient services to help clients achieve long-term recovery from addiction, including the following therapeutic modalities:

  • Family Support Group: Addiction impacts the whole family. Individuals who are struggling with addiction certainly feel the effects of their challenges. But, their families also suffer from the pain of their loved one’s addiction. So, along with their recovering loved ones, families also need to receive healing. This is why we provide access to family support group services. During an individual’s treatment and recovery, their family members can also get help and support.
  • Family Therapy: Again, substance abuse affects the entire family unit. So, just as therapy is important for those in recovery centers, it helps their families. 

Therapy for the whole family allows family units to talk through and discuss the challenges that they face. It also gives people the chance to safely speak about the pain they’re experiencing. With the help of professional therapists, families can identify and work through the struggles they face as a result of a loved one’s battle with addiction.

  • Addiction & Recovery Focused Education: Those who are working to overcome addiction can benefit from education about the recovery process. They can learn more about what to expect as they continue to pursue a life of sobriety and freedom from substance abuse.  
  • Communication & Boundaries Coaching: It can be challenging for those in recovery centers to communicate with others. This might happen for various reasons. 

For one, individuals often misunderstand those who suffer from substance abuse rehab. Their friends and family members may not understand what they’re experiencing. This can make it hard for those who are struggling to effectively interact with their loved ones, especially when it comes to talking about addiction. 

Also, it can be hard for those in recovery to set and stick to boundaries. Saying “no” can be a challenge. Staying away from triggering situations can be difficult. But, it’s not impossible! We work to help our clients establish boundaries and successfully communicate with others.

Locations We Serve

Northbound Seattle Support

We believe support services should continue throughout the recovery process. Whether individuals need support during drug and alcohol treatment or after drug and alcohol rehab, we are here to assist! Our mission is to offer our clients everything they need in order to be successful. We work to provide the tools and resources necessary for recovery centers.

Northbound Seattle Alumni

After the treatment process is over, it’s important for people to continue receiving support from those who truly understand the recovery process. While in rehab, many individuals tend to establish healthy and helpful relationships with others in recovery. This is beneficial because it allows people to interact with, support, and receive support from like-minded individuals. 

But, this support shouldn’t end when rehab treatment is over. It should continue even afterward in order to ensure that those in recovery centers can maintain accountability. 

This also helps people to continue getting support and guidance from friends who truly want the best for them. By working to support and uplift one another, those leaving recovery centers can receive the courage and strength that they need in order to keep moving forward! We offer an alumni program in order to help individuals to do this.

Northbound Treatment Services in Seattle

At Northbound Treatment Services, in Seattle, we offer rehab treatment that caters directly to the specific needs of our clients. We understand that those in our programs need a personalized approach to treatment. This is why we offer various types of treatment, including men’s residential and women’s residential programs.

In addition to these programs, Northbound Treatment Services provide access to Christian rehab program links. So, whether a client needs gender-specific treatment or rehab services that are infused with faith, we can help!

All of Northbound’s dual diagnosis rehab centers reflect quality and attention to detail. They are grounded in our mantra that a dual diagnosis treatment facility designed for success supports expectations of one’s best. Our gallery reflects our campus facilities and a selection of rooms pulled from both our men’s and women’s living accommodations.

Our Seattle Rehab Center Facilities

Northbound’s incredible residential treatment success rates are due, in part, to our InVivo® model. This model empowers participants to interact with the outside world while in a safe and supportive clinical setting. Our philosophy prioritizes the importance of community. This is likely the reason behind our success rates! We strive to offer the total opposite of isolated inpatient treatment scenarios where returning to the ‘real world’ can trigger risky behaviors.

In Seattle, Northbound has created an addiction treatment community as vibrant and active as the city itself. While participating in any of our Seattle rehab programs, you can immerse yourself in Seattle’s outdoorsy culture. Throughout your time here, you may experience this city’s exciting features. These include artisanal coffee shops, beautiful museums, and great food!

Our Seattle drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility alumni have also formed a strong community, meeting regularly to lend emotional support for relapse prevention, and take part in activities we organize, such as attending a Seattle Seahawks game. We continue to support the recovery centers of the Seattle community by offering addiction support services, family services, and group therapy.

What Makes Northbound Rehab Seattle Special?

Northbound’s Seattle rehab center is located right in Lower Queen Anne, one of Seattle’s nicest neighborhoods. It’s close to the Space Needle and right on the Puget Sound, where you can kayak or catch a ferry to dozens of nearby islands.

Northbound Seattle is highly active in the local 12-step community. We strive to help you establish a strong support network and recover from addiction. If you or a loved one needs help, contact us today. We will answer any questions that you may have and help you find the right treatment program for you.


Article Reviewed by Paul Alexander

Paul AlexanderPaul Alexander is the founder and CEO of Northbound Treatment. He received his Certified Addiction Treatment Specialist training at Saddleback College in Mission Viejo, CA, and was awarded Outstanding Alumni Service Award in 2002. Paul holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminology, Law and Society, Summa Cum Laude, from University of California, Irvine, and a Juris Doctorate degree from Loyola Law School of Los Angeles. He believes wholeheartedly in transformational leadership, organizational health and effective, fully integrated substance use disorder treatment.