Family Program

support for the family

At Northbound, we look to heal not only the victim of substance abuse but also the family that is also suffering from the effects of seeing a loved one in the grip of addiction.

The Family addiction counseling treatment in Orange County is a monthly program designed to help families repair relationships damaged by drug and alcohol abuse. The program incorporates group counseling, lectures and Al-Anon meetings over the course of four days, and is designed to help family members reconnect and understand the roots of addiction.

The family members of the alcoholic or addict often have difficulty dealing with a whole range of emotions, including helplessness, confusion, and anger. The Northbound Family Program helps family members understand that they can’t control their loved one’s addiction, nor can they cure it.

The program is among the best available treatment options for families and is included in our comprehensive fee. Priority in the Northbound family program is reserved for those in our community who would most benefit from participation. To get the most help in repairing the family system, Northbound turns to therapists and addiction treatment experts outside our center in addition to our own clinicians.

The Northbound Family Program Addresses:

Family Roles
Medical Disease Model of Addiction
Healthy Communication
Family Recovery

Our program provides:

Healing time for families
How to avoid being trapped by manipulation
Focus on personal care
Opportunity to meet with Case-Manager and Therapist
Structured time with loved one in treatment

The Northbound family addiction recovery in Orange County is among the best available treatment options for families in this particular situation. It is included in our comprehensive fee, and depending on availability, will be reserved for those who would benefit most from participation.

During this process, Northbound with enlisting the aid of additional therapists and addiction treatment experts to help bring the family back together.

We also recommend and make available Parent CRAFT an evidence-based, interactive online course that teaches you how to effectively interact with your children in order to change drug and alcohol behavior and guide them into accepting treatment.