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Drug and Alcohol Treatment
Seattle Washington

Northbound’s Seattle rehab center is a behavioral healthcare provider specialized in for substance abuse treatment adults and young adults suffering from addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. We offer Outpatient Rehab and Sober Living facilities in Lower Queen Anne, Seattle. Licensed clinicians at Northbound’s Seattle treatment center works closely with professional referral sources, and together with family members and clients to determine the best level of care. Participants enrolled in our Outpatient Rehab and Sober Living Programs enjoy privacy and safety while being able to experience everything Seattle has to offer, from kayaking to hiking to fishing.

Our Seattle Residences

All of Northbound’s male and female rehabilitation treatment residential houses reflect the quality and attention to detail and are grounded in our mantra that a treatment facility designed for success supports expectations of one’s best. Our gallery reflects our campus facilities and a selection of rooms pulled from both our men’s and women’s living accommodations.

What Makes Northbound Rehab Seattle Special?

Northbound Seattle drug rehabilitation treatment facility

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Northbound’s Seattle rehab center is located right in Lower Queen Anne, one of Seattle’s nicest neighborhoods. It’s close to the Space Needle and right on the Puget Sound, where you can kayak or catch a ferry to dozens of nearby islands.

Northbound’s incredible residential treatment success rates are due, in part, to our InVivo® model, which empowers participants to interact with the outside world while in a safe and supportive clinical setting. Our philosophy, and ultimately our success rates, prioritizes how important community is. This is unlike isolated inpatient treatment scenarios where returning to the ‘real world’ can trigger risky behaviors.

In Seattle, Northbound has created an addiction treatment community as vibrant and active as the city itself. While enrolled in any of our Seattle rehab programs, you can be immersed in Seattle’s outdoorsy culture, and experiencing its exciting city features—artisanal coffee shops, beautiful museums, and great food.

Our Seattle drug rehabilitation center alumni have also formed a strong community, meeting regularly to lend emotional support for relapse prevention, and take part in activities we organize, such as attending a Seattle Seahawks game. We continue to support the recovery community of Seattle by offering addiction support services, family services, and group therapy.

Locations We Serve

Our Seattle Rehab Center Facilities

Our Seattle programs—IOP/Outpatient, and Addiction Support Services—offer privacy and safety in culturally rich surroundings. Those looking for a residential experience can enroll in our Orange County Rehab Program and then enter into Outpatient or Addiction Support Services here in Seattle. Our facilities for rehab in Seattle are comprised of one main building, which is modern and comfortable, with plenty of room for all our clinical services such as group and individual therapy sessions, and one 8-person Sober Living house, set in a beautiful Victorian two-story residence.

Programs Offered at Northbound Seattle

At Northbound’s Seattle rehab center, we provide the latest in evidence-based therapies and a full continuum of outpatient services to help clients achieve long-term recovery from addiction including the following therapeutic modalities:

Northbound Seattle Outpatient

  • Intensive Outpatient (IOP)
  • Individual and Group Therapy
  • Family Engagement
  • Therapeutic Toxicology Screening
  • Medication Management
  • Experiential Modalities
  • 12 Step Immersion

Northbound Seattle Family Services

  • Family Support Group
  • Family Therapy
  • Addiction & Recovery Focused Education
  • Communication & Boundaries Coaching

Northbound Seattle Support

  • Long-Term Accountability
  • Recovery Coaching
  • Therapeutic Toxicology Screening
  • Educational and Vocational Assistance

Northbound Seattle Alumni

  • Development of a Recovery Lifestyle
  • Access to Weekly Groups
  • Sober Community
  • Opportunities for Service Work
  • Ongoing Support

Northbound Seattle is highly active in the local 12-step community and is committed to helping you establish a strong support network and recover from addiction. If you or a loved one needs help, call us anytime. We will answer any questions and help you find the right treatment program for you.

Mike Plaisance


Mike Plaisance

Executive Director, Seattle

Mike has over 15 years of service in the behavioral health community in various clinical and administrative roles. His career as a certified Chemical Dependency Professional and then as the Director of Business Development at an established addiction treatment facility in the Pacific Northwest is marked by accomplishments in a wide variety of program development and implementation, including the adoption of an integrated customer relations management system.

Mike has also conducted educational presentations in several areas of addiction science around the Pacific Northwest. His passion for fostering exceptional behavioral healthcare services along with experience leading quality improvement groups and consulting nationally for other behavioral health organizations, have all contributed to his focus on purposeful leadership and corporate health. Mike believes in leading with a “living purpose” and inspires his team to do the same.

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Dr. Katherine Burke

Lead Therapist, MA, PsyD, LMFT, CDPT

Kate serves as Northbound Seattle’s lead therapist holding a license as a MFT (LF60766336) and a CDPT (CO60801717). Kate’s role at Northbound requires her to oversee clinical program development and service delivery, supervise clinical staff, and work directly with clients seeking recovery from substance use disorders and mental health issues.

Kate holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Women’s Studies from The University of Washington in Seattle, and both a Master and Doctoral degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from The California School of Professional Psychology. Kate has worked previously at a substance abuse agency providing individual, group and couples therapy as well as family reunification, anger management, and life skills development. Kate’s career includes private practice, community-based work with homeless populations and domestic violence, work with children experiencing behavioral issues and those afflicted with autism and attention deficit disorders, mental health evaluations for veterans and couples work utilizing the Gottman method across multiple populations. Kate sees the purpose of her work as helping those in critical periods of their lives, providing a safe and supportive environment for people to self-explore, heal, and grow both individually and within their relationships.

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Stacy Plaisance

Regional Director, Seattle

Stacy demonstrates a commitment to fostering a supportive treatment experience through compassion and integrity. She originally joined the Northbound team as a Regional Director of Referral Relations, leading a team of Referral Relations Managers with a strong focus on our mission of supporting clients in meeting their treatment goals by fostering trust, balance and authenticity.
Early in her career, Stacy found a deep passion for leadership when serving as a Chemical Dependency Professional in her home state of Washington. This opportunity allowed her to work directly with clients and develop her natural strengths as a leader by mentoring others in the field. Stacy has been an active contributor in the behavioral health community by leading clinical quality improvement groups and speaking at local and national conferences. In 2010 Stacy returned to school to complete her Master’s in Business Administration with a focus on Health care Management. Following the completion of her degree, Stacy transitioned into outreach and client relations. Throughout her own recovery, she has found these principles to be critically important to healing and overcoming addiction. Stacy lives in Seattle with her two dogs, two children, and her husband. She is very active, often hiking, skiing, and exploring the Pacific Northwest with friends and others in recovery.


Which airport do I fly into?

Our Seattle rehab location is a half-hour’s drive from Seattle Tacoma International Airport (SEA). We would be happy to assist you in arranging your travel to our drug and alcohol rehab facility. It’s just one way we ease this transition and make the experience as stress-free as possible.

What can I expect once I check in?

When you step through the doors of our warm, inviting facilities, you will be greeted by staff members who understand the feelings of apprehension, excitement, fear, and relief so many clients are juggling when they arrive for drug abuse or alcohol addiction treatment services. Your intake specialist will welcome you, give you a tour of the facilities, and walk you through our program and policies. We will introduce you to our team of dedicated professionals and other individuals who are also undergoing treatment like you.

For any individual who enrolls in a Northbound Treatment Seattle Program, you will walk through the doors of our primary office and administrative office located at:

Northbound Seattle

510 2nd Avenue West
Seattle, WA 98119
(206) 203-1836

Northbound Seattle is highly active in the local 12-step community and is committed to helping you establish a strong support network in order to successfully recover from addiction. If you or a loved one needs help, call us any time. We will answer any questions and help you find the right treatment program for you or a loved one.