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Residential Treatment Centers In California

Drug addiction often exacts great control over every aspect of a person’s life. The good news is that people struggling with mental health and substance use can get respite from several drug treatment programs.

One of the most common programs for addiction treatment is residential treatment. With this form of addiction treatment, folks undergoing addiction treatment do so at a safe, supervised haven that allows them to heal and get 24/7 care and support.

However, there are two sides to residential treatment centers. Let us look at them.


Here are some of the pros of residential treatment centers

It Offers Safety & Containment

Some folk struggling with addiction can be a danger to themselves or others, no thanks to their suicidal or homicidal tendencies. In such situations,24-7 supervision and round-the-clock medical care are needed to prevent these persons from harming themselves or others.

It is Great for Medically-supervised Detoxification

 There are always situations where a person has become emotionally and physically dependent on substances. As such, withdrawal from these substances can be dangerous and require medically supervised detoxification. Residential treatment centers are the best places for this kind of detoxification.

Client Enjoy Support with Basic Functioning

Residential treatment centers, especially co-occurring addiction treatment centers, are often best for people struggling with basic functioning and self-care.

The Eliminate Stressors & Temptations

One of the biggest selling points of residential treatments is that it takes people away from their typical stressors and temptations. They are more likely to respond to treatment a lot faster because of a change in environment and perspective.

It Is an Excellent Alternative to Hospitalization

Persons needing hospitalization can opt for residential treatment since it provides a more consistent, longer-term environment where they can stabilize. That is why residential treatment centers are great options for persons undergoing co-occurring disorder treatment. They can get the care they need to lessen the disorder’s symptoms.


Here are some of the cons of residential treatment centers.

They Are Costly

Many inpatient treatment programs are expensive and are only partially covered by insurance or not covered at all. They may be great at dual diagnosis addiction treatment and are excellent for substance use and co-occurring mental disorders. However, they must be followed up with supportive care, which often makes things much more expensive.

Some Folks Struggle with Translation

People often struggle to translate what they learn at residential treatment centers to the outside world. And this could lead to a relapse.

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