Detox Centers In California

If you want to stop drinking alcohol or taking drugs, but you’re physically dependent or addicted to the substance you use, you may need the assistance of one of the leading detox centers in California to overcome the tough withdrawal period. In detox, your body rids itself of the harmful toxins left behind by alcohol or drug use. But quitting drugs or alcohol can lead to unpleasant or life-threatening side effects.

Do you have mental health and substance use disorders and are looking for a detox program? Search no further than us at Northbound. Our medically-assisted detox program offers 24/7 supervision, care, and medication. This helps you avoid the dangerous withdrawal symptoms or minimize the discomfort that comes with withdrawal. As a result, you’ll be able to complete your detox program safely.

Benefits Of Medical Detox

When you have substance use and co-occurring mental disorders, there are numerous benefits of undergoing our medically-assisted detox if we recommend one, including:

  • More Comfortable

You may experience serious withdrawal symptoms during detox, depending on your level of addiction and the substance you use. As the toxins exit your system, you can get to a point where the level of discomfort is too much to withstand that you feel an irresistible urge to use just to make the excruciating pain disappear. Fortunately, our experienced team will provide the appropriate treatment to reduce the intensity of severe side effects, making the process as smooth and as comfortable as possible.

  • Safe

The severity of your withdrawal symptoms varies based on several factors like your substance of choice, the extent of your addiction, and medical history. If you’ve used drugs or taken alcohol for a long period, you’re more at risk for dangerous side effects of withdrawal. These may include coma, seizures, and depressed respiration, which can be fatal.

Our medical detox enables us to monitor you closely for dangerous symptoms and provide the proper treatment to effectively manage severe symptoms or even prevent them. This is safer than attempting to detox on your own at home, where you lack medical supervision.

  • Structured Environment

Most people start using drugs or drinking again when they try to detox at home. That’s because they’re still in the same environment they were when using substances. On the other hand, detox at our facility happens in a sober and structured environment. That eliminates any chance of abusing alcohol or drugs, even when the going gets tough during detox.

As one of the premier co-occurring addiction treatment centers, we offer round-the-clock monitoring where you get to remain in our rehab throughout the detoxification period. This enables our addiction specialists to closely observe and alleviate symptoms 24/7. Our kind of structure is critical in ensuring you finish detox. Completing our detoxification program has proven to greatly increase your chances of successfully attaining long-term recovery.

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At Northbound, we are among the leading detox centers in California, committed to offering best-in-class detoxification services. Our medically-assisted detox makes it possible to overcome the challenges of the first steps of recovery and motivates you to complete your co-occurring disorder treatment. To get started, verify your insurance for treatment today:





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