California Drug Treatment

As one of the top California drug treatment facilities, Northbound focuses on helping recovering addicts achieve holistic recovery from their mental, emotional, and behavioral health issues. We offer a continuum of care, helping recovering addicts transition from one treatment to another as they progress towards sobriety.

About Us

Listed among the top co-occurring addiction treatment centers, we offer the best care and support to those battling substance abuse in a world-class rehab center. Our continuum of care options allows our recovering addicts to seamlessly transition from one phase to another, guiding them towards sobriety in stages.

Our physicians, doctors, therapists, and other clinical experts possess the highest training, experience, and knowledge, allowing them to offer the best addiction services. We create a safe, supportive, and friendly environment for our recovering addicts to help them feel relaxed as they work towards getting clean. Aftercare therapy makes all the difference in recovery.

As the best mental health and substance use treatment center, we offer highly effective ongoing care programs to recovering addicts. Our alumni-care programs strengthen our recovering addicts’ commitment to sobriety in the long term.

How To Help Someone Overcome Substance Abuse?

There are numerous ways to help a loved one suffering from substance abuse overcome their behavioral disorder. Some of these include:

  1. Stage An Intervention

Request a professional to stage an intervention/hold a meeting between the addict and their loved ones. An intervention is an effective tool that aims to encourage someone to seek professional addiction treatment.

  1. Detox

Medically-assisted detox is crucial for those suffering from severe addiction disorder to recover safely. Inpatient and outpatient drug detox treatment can reduce painful withdrawal symptoms and ensure a safe recovery from substance abuse.

  1. Inpatient And Outpatient Drug Rehabs

Numerous rehab centers across the country specialize in inpatient and outpatient addiction recovery. While inpatient drug rehabs offer 24-hour medical care and support, outpatient programs allow recovering addicts to stay at home during recovery. Guiding your loved one to these clinics can help them receive medical and mental health support and get sober.

How Do I Stay Sober After Rehab?

While relapse is an unfortunate occurrence in over 45% of recovering addicts in the initial 6-12 months after addiction treatment, there are ways to stay safe from spiraling back to your old habits. To stay sober after professional co-occurring disorder treatment consider the following:

  • Family can offer a stable and supportive environment for you post-discharge. Stay close to your family members and loved ones to prevent the feeling of loneliness, hopelessness, and boredom.
  • Sign up for ongoing care programs at a leading dual diagnosis addiction treatment facility near you. Continuing care can strengthen your commitment to sobriety and help you receive valuable advice from a licensed therapist. 
  • Attend support group meetings regularly to have a sense of community and a non-judgemental platform to share your recovery journey with others battling similar issues as you.


You never know when your drug use or alcohol consumption spirals out of control. Call 866-311-0003 to book a consultation with one of our treatment providers and learn about the California drug treatment options we offer. Northbound is a top-rated addiction treatment center with individualized treatments, holistic therapies, and personalized detox plans. Get in touch with us to begin a liberating journey towards a healthier and happier tomorrow.






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