What Is an Intervention and How Can You Plan a Successful One?

Asking what is an intervention can result in some pretty superficial answers. Some think of interventions as isolated confrontations bent on changing the destructive behavior of a loved one. While there’s some truth in the intent, it doesn’t paint a complete picture of what makes interventions effective. In the following article, we’re going to shed some Read More

Family First: Tips for Staging A Family Intervention

What do you do if one of your loved ones is suffering from the debilitating illness of addiction? It can be a tough situation but it can be made even worse if your family member won’t admit to their problem and accuses you of snooping on them. Suddenly you or other members can end up Read More

A Call for Help: How to Plan an Intervention for the Addict in Your Life

Battling with an addiction is a very difficult and traumatic experience. Whether it’s drugs, alcohol, gambling, pornography, or anything in between, addictions can wreak havoc through your life. On the other hand, watching friends and family members struggle through addiction can be just as painful. Addictions affect two-thirds of families in America. Though things may Read More

How Does an Intervention Work?

Dealing with addiction in the family is a stressful time. You may be at your wits end worried about your loved one’s health and safety and frustrated that they are in denial about needing help. When other attempts to get them into treatment haven’t worked, or you’re unsure about how to approach the topic, an Read More

Symptoms of Drug Overdose

Symptoms of Drug Overdose: When to Seek Medical Attention A drug overdose occurs when an individual has too much of a drug or combination of drugs. The symptoms of an overdose may vary depending on the drug used. Depressants are drugs that slow the central nervous system. They typically decrease breathing and heart rate. Depressants Read More