Co-Occurring Psychological Disorders and Drug Rehab

At Northbound Treatment Services, we take special care to help individuals and their families manage and treat addiction through drug rehab by acknowledging a patient’s battle as one against mental illness and co-occurring psychological disorders. Often times, aside from drug and/or alcohol addiction, doctors find that simultaneously, a person may also be suffering from one Read More

Bi-Polar Disorder Treatment at Northbound and Addiction Treatment

Often, individuals who have substance use disorder (SUDs) also suffer from mental and behavioral health disorders. People who have addiction combined with another disorder have what professionals call “co-occurring disorders”. One common co-occurring disorder is bipolar disorder; it often affects those who suffer from drug or alcohol addiction.  What is Bipolar Disorder and How Does Read More

What Are the Techniques of Dialectical Behavior Therapy?

It often seems like every approach to therapy for addiction and mental health is pretty much the same as the next one. Sitting down with a counselor is relatively similar, right? After all, this is the typical idea people have in their minds when it comes to therapy.  But the truth is that therapy comes Read More

Understanding Anxiety Disorders

Those who have dealt with anxiety disorders know it’s more than just worrying and nervousness. Anxiety is a mental illness capable of affecting every aspect of your life. It can keep you from going out with friends, applying for a better job, or pursuing a meaningful relationship. Research shows roughly 1 in 5 people suffer from Read More

9 Things You Can Do to Support a Loved One With Bipolar Disorder

In America, about 5.7 million adults struggle with bipolar disorder.  Bipolar disorder is a mental illness that can be difficult to manage, especially if it’s untreated.  Does your loved one suffer from bipolar disorder? Learn how to help someone with bipolar disorder and provide the support they need. 1. Learn About Bipolar One of the Read More