Addicted to Sedatives: 11 Signs and Symptoms of Depressants Abuse

An estimated 5 million Americans over the age of 12 use sedatives non-medically every year. The use of antidepressants as a recreational drug has increased by over 400 percent over the past four years. Part of the reason why this trend is growing is literature and Hollywood culture which praises the misuse of sedatives. Movies, Read More

Know the Facts: Is Addiction a Disease? Is it Genetic?

Addiction reportedly costs the United States more than $740 billion each year. This is accounting for crime, health care costs, and loss of productivity.  Anyone who suffers from addiction should first know they’re not alone. Beyond that, having an addiction doesn’t make you an inherently bad person.  There are a lot of factors which might Read More

How to Help Your Loved One Who Struggles with Alcohol and Depression

Do you have a loved one suffering from depression? It’s very possible you do or will at some point. Nearly 7% of all American adults have had a major depressive episode in the last year. If they’ve turned to alcohol, things could be even worse. We know you want to help them beat the destructive cycle of alcohol Read More