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The addiction treatment industry is massive and plays a significant role in societal health. With more emphasis being placed on awareness, treatment, prevention, and recovery from addiction, it is imperative that industry professionals remain up-to-date on best practices and current research. The Clinical Overview of the Recovery Experience (CORE) Conference allows treatment providers to do just that.

This is a program that Northbound has remained actively involved in over the years. In fact, our CEO Mike Neatherton, Special Projects Advisor Mike Early, and President/COO and Founder Paul Alexander were all presenters at this year’s conference. They teamed up with other industry professionals to provide powerful insight into ethics, professionalism, organizational health and culture, and leveraging the principles of the 12 steps as a clinical tool.

The CORE conference evolved from the growing concern over the direction the addiction treatment field was headed. It gives professionals an opportunity to come together and share their expertise and experience regarding abstinence-based recovery practices, 12-step principles, and improving addiction treatment outcomes. The focus is on providing services that incorporate the sciences of medicine, therapy, and spirituality, with an emphasis on ethics and organizational health. Northbound aligns very strongly with these values and integrates this approach in everything it does. Strong organizational health is a pillar of the Northbound brand.

Exploring Ethics, Leadership, and the 12 Steps

Mike Neatherton and Mike Early teamed up with CEO, Chico West from Gaston House in Dallas, Texas, to delve more deeply into “Ethical and Therapeutic Dilemmas and Pitfalls over the Past 70 Years in Treating Addiction.” Many providers are turning to medication-assisted treatment and overlooking the value of the 12 steps and other evidence-based practices. In combining medicine, therapy, and spirituality, the 12-steps therapeutic process can be a medication of success in treating addiction. It can empower clients to achieve greater balance and a more personal connection and internal motivation when it comes to recovery.

To complement this approach, Neatherton also spoke about the relationship of a healthy culture on treatment outcomes. Organizational health is an essential part of culture, and Northbound is wholly committed to continually improving its organizational health and cultivating a positive and stimulating environment. Staff and clients recognize that they are part of something bigger than themselves and that everyone is working toward the same goals. Recovery is not out of anyone’s reach if they have the support, motivation, and effective treatment to get them there.

Driving Organizational Health

Ever since 2010, organizational health has been a driving force in all that Northbound does. It is the organization’s top strategic initiative and provides clarity, builds cohesion, and defines Northbound’s purpose. Employees feel empowered and motivated working within a safe, trusting, and respectful environment that values their well-being and contributions. In order for clients to feel comfortable and confident in Northbound, it is imperative that employees do as well. From the top down, everyone is involved, and everyone is continually growing professionally and personally to provide exceptional experiences.

Organizational health is one element that sets Northbound apart from other treatment providers.  Northbound is always striving to improve its services and refine its message. As Neatherton and Early discussed these strategies and the importance of culture, leadership, and organizational health, it stimulated insightful dialogue among participants. It was motivating and rewarding to see how Northbound’s voice and approach to employee and client care can positively impact the addiction field.

Tackling Ethics and Marketing in Addiction Treatment

Northbound’s Paul Alexander was invited to partake in a riveting roundtable discussion at the CORE Conference regarding “Ethics Perspectives in Addiction Treatment.” Competition is fierce among treatment centers, but it is imperative that ethics are maintained. How a facility markets itself sets the stage for initial interactions with potential clients and their families. Treatment providers want to promote their services and outcomes in an honest and ethical light. The panel promoted professionalism, development of a uniform code of ethics, and the challenges regarding the legalities of marketing practices.

Clients’ best interests should be at the forefront, and Northbound is passionate about supporting best practices across all aspects of the industry. Addiction treatment is a dynamic industry and ethics is a frequent topic of discussion. Northbound is committed to building honest, open, and collaborative relationships with its clients and their families, so integrity and transparency are a must. These elements are intertwined with ethical practices and creating a supportive and therapeutic environment.

A Focus on Exceptional Care

Taking part in the CORE Conference not only allowed Northbound to share its own voice and insight, but also to learn from other leaders in the field. It is these ongoing professional development opportunities that enable Northbound to continue moving forward and enhancing its approach to addiction treatment and providing top-notch care and support to clients and their families.

Addiction recovery is not easy. It requires a lot of time, energy, and commitment. There are many moving parts and many people involved. Northbound strives to align all of these pieces and make the process as smooth and rewarding as possible. There is no single path to recovery. Each person’s journey is unique, but the staff at Northbound creates an environment that facilitates more effective treatment and a sustainable lifestyle of recovery.

Clients are actively involved in their treatment and in developing a plan that meets their individual needs. Regardless of where a person is in their recovery, they can find the help and support they need at Northbound. By participating in events like the CORE Conference, Northbound is able to stay abreast of the latest developments and best practices in the addiction field and offer unparalleled service to its clients.

Contact Northbound today to learn more about our commitment to organizational health and evidence-based practices such as the 12-steps process and how these approaches positively impact addiction treatment and recovery. There is hope and help available, and clients and families do not have to try to navigate treatment on their own. Northbound will stand beside you every step of the way.

Let us know how organizational health has impacted your experiences with addiction treatment, be it as an employee or client!

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