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Addiction recovery is a personal journey, and one that is ongoing. Recovery coaches meet our clients where they are at and provide guidance, motivation and support to promote a sustainable lifestyle in recovery. Staff at all levels at Northbound, from executives to clinical therapists to operations personnel, have engaged in CCAR (Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery) training to enhance their ability to connect with clients in an effective way and provide higher quality treatment and support.

CCAR Training is a five-day, interactive workshop hosted by Northbound. It is attended by those seeking to become a recovery coach or interested in learning more about supporting those in recovery. Recovery coaches work with individuals who may be concerned about their substance use and thinking about treatment, as well as those who have completed a treatment program and are working on sustaining long-term recovery.

Recovery coaches are not sponsors or addiction counselors. They help clients to identify their own goals for their life and their sobriety through techniques of motivational interviewing and active listening. They guide clients in finding and accessing resources within the community to support their recovery, and motivate them to keep pushing forward and solving problems in an effective way. Following a 12-step approach is not the right path for every client, so recovery coaches help them to find their way and understand what works best for their needs and goals.

Individuals who complete the Recovery Coach Academy explore the stages of change in recovery, issues surrounding ethics and boundaries, cultural sensitivity, recovery wellness planning, and skills to build a rapport with clients and guide them in their healing. By engaging in this interactive training, recovery coaches are better equipped to provide exceptional care and personalized attention for those in recovery. Clients are empowered over their recovery, motivated to set goals and mentored on how to make these goals a reality.

The CCAR Recovery Coach Academy is an amazing opportunity for anyone involved or interested in the addiction recovery field to expand their perspective and refine their skills to promote healing, empowerment, and motivation. A new session starts on June 11, so contact Northbound today to find out how you can get involved.

What’s your motivation for becoming a recovery coach? Contact Northbound today to participate in the next workshop!

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