Category: Family Addiction

Addiction in one individual often affects the rest of their family as well. The family members suffer as a result of a loved ones addiction and struggle with how to address the issues and help the addict. There are strategies and programs to help family members support their loved one while not enabling them to keep using substances.


Red Ribbon Week: Talking to Your Kids About Addiction

As a parent, you want to empower your children to be independent, make good choices, and achieve their goals. You are a powerful influencer in …

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Family Support Matters in Recovery

Watching a loved one struggle with addiction can be frustrating, challenging and heartbreaking, especially when they do not recognize the severity of the problem. Getting …

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The Key to a Drug-Free Halloween

Halloween is a time for everyone to get in the spirit of being spooky – from dressing up in creepy costumes to taking in frightening …

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Outrage Over ‘Breaking Bad’ Kids Toys

The AMC mega-hit ‘Breaking Bad’ took to televisions across the world in 2008 and obtained a strong following almost immediately. Since the end of the …

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9 Tips for Supporting a Heroin Addict without Encouraging Use

9 Tips for Supporting a Heroin Addict without Encouraging Use The first year of dealing with a family member’s addiction is the usually the worst. …

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