Category: Family Addiction

Addiction in one individual often affects the rest of their family as well. The family members suffer as a result of a loved ones addiction and struggle with how to address the issues and help the addict. There are strategies and programs to help family members support their loved one while not enabling them to keep using substances.

New Law Charging Pregnant Women with Prenatal Drug Abuse

Science has proven that addiction is in fact a disease, just as is cancer, diabetes, etc. To obtain sobriety requires receiving professional treatment and long-term …

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Forget the Stigma, Teens – “Just Say No” to Marijuana

The teenage years are often at time of experimentation – experimentation with relationships, friendships, sex and of course drugs. For decades, parents have been steadily …

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How to Cope with a Loved One Going to Substance Abuse Treatment in Orange County, CA

When a loved one is struggling with substance abuse, it impacts not only him or her but also impacts you on both an emotional and psychological …

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commit someone to rehab

How to Commit Someone to Treatment Against Their Will

Addiction is never an easy issue to handle, and it can get much worse when you have to witness a loved one suffer as a …

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Help For Families of Alcoholics at Drug Treatment Centers

When a loved one is struggling with an alcohol problem, his or her family members often deal with the brunt of their disorder. They are …

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