Are You Enabling Your Child’s Addiction?

Watching someone deal with addiction can be incredibly difficult. All you want to do is help the person and, in many instances, that’s just not possible. After all, you cannot help individuals who do not desire to have help. It’s also difficult because, while you want to be supportive of them as they continue to Read More

How Does an Intervention Work?

Dealing with addiction in the family is a very stressful experience. You may be at your wit’s end and worried about your loved one’s health and safety. Perhaps you’re frustrated, feeling that your friend or family member is in denial about needing help. When other attempts to get them into treatment haven’t worked, or you’re Read More

Depression: The Faith-Based Difference in Care

When it comes to getting help for mental health, it’s important for the program you choose to address your recovery in a way that best suits your needs. For some individuals, Christian treatment for depression may be the most helpful. Whether or not you’re seeking Christian-based treatment, Northbound will accommodate all of your individual needs! Read More

What to Expect at Outpatient Rehab for Alcohol in Seattle

At Northbound, our Seattle facility offers a high-quality outpatient treatment program for alcohol addiction. Outpatient alcohol rehab is an effective way to treat an alcohol use disorder (AUD). Patients have the opportunity to seek treatment while maintaining responsibilities like work, school and family obligations. Our outpatient rehab center offers a variety of services. These services Read More

Adderall Abuse: Who’s Abusing it More?

The abuse of Adderall and other stimulants has had the most prevalence within the age bracket of young adults ages 18 to 25. There several studies researching the effects, use, and symptoms of Adderall and similar stimulants throughout the years. The most recent research and surveys shed light on the number of United States citizens Read More