7 Essential Things to Bring to Rehab

Getting sober is a big deal. Making the decision to start the process for recovery from addiction certainly isn’t easy, and there’s a long road ahead. But taking that first step is crucial. Rehab is a major investment of time and money, and you need to be prepared to make the most of the experience. Read More

Finding the Right Fit: How to Choose a Detox Program in Orange County

Nearly 25 million people throughout the U.S. have used some sort of illegal drug in the last month. Nearly 10 percent of people older than 12 also abuse illegal drugs or prescription drugs on a regular basis. If you’re struggling with drug abuse and addiction — or know someone who is — it’s imperative that you Read More

7 Encouraging Things to Know About Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Overcoming addiction is one of life’s most difficult challenges. As is struggling with a mental illness. But if you’re one of the millions battling both at once, it might feel impossible. Fortunately, it’s not. Since you’re battling both conditions simultaneously, the two become one complex problem. So the key to recovery is treating both conditions Read More

A Call for Help: How to Plan an Intervention for the Addict in Your Life

Battling with an addiction is a very difficult and traumatic experience. Whether it’s drugs, alcohol, gambling, pornography, or anything in between, addictions can wreak havoc through your life. On the other hand, watching friends and family members struggle through addiction can be just as painful. Addictions affect two-thirds of families in America. Though things may Read More

5 Surprising Things About PTSD and Alcohol Addiction

Those who struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder are a lot more susceptible to addiction. In fact, more 2 out of 10 veterans with PTSD have substance use disorders, according to the U.S. Veterans Affairs. That may not seem extreme at first glance, but that is more than double the amount for citizens without PTSD. With Read More