The Dangers of ‘Sizzurp’ and Robotripping

Here We Go Again—Sizzurp and Robotripping Yet another drug concoction to keep up with. Touted by Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne for years, we are just starting to hear more about it. The drink has been abused as far back as the 1960s, originating with the blues musicians in Houston, Texas who would combine dextromethorphan Read More

Alcohol Detox and Recovery Options

Alcoholism has a way of making people feel hopeless and helpless. Perhaps you’ve been suffering from the effects of an alcohol use disorder. Maybe you are feeling as if there’s no way you can overcome this problem. But, what if we told you that there is a way to break free from addiction? With the Read More

Enrolled in College After My Clinical Rehabilitation. What Now?

It can be hard to maintain your sobriety in college. Often colleges are centers for alcohol and sometimes drugs. For many younger students, experimenting with drugs and other substances is considered a rite of passage. This can lead to an uninhibited atmosphere where it is very easy to get ahold of not only alcohol but Read More

Essential Steps for Your Stress Management Plan

Stress Management Plan: Steps to Improve Your Anxiety Stress is a normal part of everyone’s life and there is no way to cut it out completely. It’s the body’s natural reaction to the many situations in life, and it enables us to handle both physical and emotional threats to our well-being. The body’s natural processes Read More

Christian Drug Rehab – Orange County, California

What Is Faith-Based Treatment and Christian Drug Rehab? Faith-based treatment includes religious and/or spiritual beliefs and philosophies into the rehab program activities. There are many services settings available across the U.S. where patients can get faith-based treatment. Some of the most common programs you can find are usually Christian drug rehab ones, but there are Read More