Identifying and Treating 8 Risk Factors for Mental Illness

Mental illness is extremely common: one in four people have some sort of mental disorder. These illnesses can range from depression to anxiety disorders to schizophrenia.  And while there’s no single cause to mental illness, there are certain risk factors that you can recognize in yourself and others. Understanding these risk factors can help get Read More

10 Symptoms of Detox and How an Orange County Rehab Can Help You Cope

According to estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 90 Americans die each day from an overdose of opioid drugs. In addition to being addictive, these drugs are also notoriously difficult to detox from, especially when users are trying to go “cold turkey” and quit the drugs on their own. The physical Read More

10 Reasons to Consider Residential Drug Treatment Programs in LA

Are you considering a residential drug treatment program?  If you’re struggling with drug addiction, rest assured that you’re not alone. Today, 1 in 10 Americans report suffering from substance abuse or drug addiction. Of these individuals, only a small handful will attend a treatment program to help overcome their addiction. Without a treatment program, the individual suffering is far more Read More

Treating the Whole Patient: Understanding Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Do you struggle with addiction and another mental illness? You’re not alone. Research shows that approximately half of individuals have dual diagnosis conditions. Treatment that only focuses on substance use is incomplete because recovery entails complete mind-body healing. That means examining and exploring all areas of one’s functioning.  Let’s get into how dual diagnosis treatment works and why Read More