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Residential Treatment Centers in Newport Beach, CA


Engaging in addiction treatment is not easy. It takes courage, perseverance, and humility. The transformations that await for those who put in the effort are often awe-inspiring and most certainly worth the effort. Northbound’s residential treatment program in Orange County is designed to support clients through the treatment experience and beyond. We equip clients with the strategies, skills, and resources necessary to create a sustainable lifestyle of recovery. Our innovative In Vivo® model empowers clients to effectively translate the growth, learning, and changes they make during treatment into a refocused and thriving lifestyle post-treatment. Clients build the confidence and motivation to succeed through real life exposure, quality evidence-based therapeutic support, consistent mentoring, long-term accountability, and a strong professional support system.

Northbound’s residential drug and alcohol treatment program center in Orange County is located in the coastal region of Newport Beach, CA, a breathtaking and recovery-rich area which provides world-class opportunities for healthy activities, sobriety fellowships, and an inspiring atmosphere to help clients focus on healing. Inpatient rehab provides a safe, structured environment with limited temptations. An interdisciplinary treatment team collaborates with individuals to ensure that their treatment plan aligns with their unique needs and goals to help them thrive in recovery.

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Men’s Residential Treatment Programs

The Men’s CORE Residential Treatment Program combines holistic therapies, evidence-based treatment, the principles of the 12 steps, and educational and experiential opportunities to help men overcome the challenges they face and learn to truly thrive in recovery. This gender-responsive program targets issues specific to men and creates a safe, respectful environment where healing and growth can take place. Our 18-bed LINKS residential drug treatment program in Orange county is an ideal option for men interested in pursuing recovery in alignment with the Christian faith.

Women’s Residential Treatment Programs

The Women’s CORE Residential Treatment Program offers gender-responsive treatment that addresses the unique needs of women facing substance use and mental health disorders. Women also partake in holistic therapies, evidence-based treatment, experiential opportunities, 12-step processes and educational groups in a safe, nurturing environment conducive to their individual needs and goals. LINKS Christian-based programming is available for those interested in exploring and deepening their Christian faith in alignment with their recovery journey.

Get Inpatient Rehab Treatment for Addiction and Mental Health at Northbound

Empower yourself or your loved one to bravely face addiction and mental health disorders with inpatient rehab treatment at Northbound. Learn how to cope with challenges in a healthier way and build confidence in recovery. Make your well-being a priority by seeking a residential treatment program and working alongside a highly trained and compassionate staff who want to help you succeed and develop a life you love. You do not have to be controlled by your addiction any longer – recovery is possible and Northbound can guide you along each step of the way.




Addiction recovery is a challenging and long-term process. It can be frustrating and even overwhelming at times, but it is absolutely worth it. Recovery and all of the life-enhancing promises it brings are possible and within reach! Read More

Start Your Journey to Recovery with Northbound

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