The Latest: 8 Signs of Cocaine Use and How You Can Help

8 Signs of Cocaine Use and How You Can Help

Every month, an estimated 1.5 million Americans, aged 12 years and above, abuse cocaine every month. The statistics are according to a recent survey carried out by the NSDUH. People that use cocaine describe the high as a pleasurable and euphoric experience. Cocaine stimulates the part of the brain which leads to pleasure. The drug Read More

10 Risk Factors for Substance Abuse – And Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Them

Substance abuse is a huge issue right now, and the problem appears to be trending upward.  Not only do people addicted to substances hurt themselves, but this problem also creates more than $700 billion in damages and expenses related to medical care, crime, and lost job productivity.  Substance abuse issues don’t just arise overnight — Read More

Identifying and Treating 8 Risk Factors for Mental Illness

Mental illness is extremely common: one in four people have some sort of mental disorder. These illnesses can range from depression to anxiety disorders to schizophrenia.  And while there’s no single cause to mental illness, there are certain risk factors that you can recognize in yourself and others. Understanding these risk factors can help get Read More

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