Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for Addiction and Mental Health in Orange County, CA


Developing a comprehensive recovery lifestyle takes time and targeted effort. Intensive outpatient rehab in Orange County, or engaging in treatment part-time while residing off campus (often in a sober living environment) is a vital aspect of the treatment continuum. Northbound’s intensive outpatient program (IOP) for addiction and mental health in Orange County, CA, is designed for clients living in the local area interested in bolstering and solidifying their recovery.

Through our intensive outpatient drug treatment in Orange County, clients learn to balance their recovery with other real-life responsibilities and pursuits. They put into practice the relapse prevention and healthy coping strategies they are learning about in treatment. They are supported when challenges arise and are held accountable for their choices and actions. They enjoy a rich community of sober fellowship and are given the tools necessary to develop a thriving recovery lifestyle. High-risk times of transition to a more autonomous phase of life are handled with enhanced safety and growth through IOP participation. Through this program, we see great increases in the likelihood of sustained recovery and enhanced emotional well-being.

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Is the Intensive Outpatient Program for Addiction and Mental Health Right for Me or a Loved One?

IOP is an appropriate level of care for those who have a safe and sober living environment to reside in, and who, with support, are ready to live substance-free without the need for residential treatment. Clients must be safely detoxed from mind-altering substances prior to entering IOP.

Some clients enter Northbound’s IOP after completing residential treatment, while others utilize the IOP program to re-focus on their recovery following a slip or relapse, or as an initial intervention attempt to arrest their addiction. Dual diagnosis treatment is fully incorporated at the IOP level of care – those looking to heal from mental health concerns within Northbound’s scope are welcomed with open arms. With flexible scheduling tailored to the real-life needs of each participant, this intensive program helps clients build the skills and strategies necessary to live confidently in their recovery. Transitions, challenges, stresses, and successes are met with non-judgmental support and loving yet firm accountability, equipping clients with the tools to develop a balanced, sustainable recovery lifestyle.

What does IOP Treatment Involve?

Northbound is proud to offer a truly innovative IOP curriculum, with groups of myriad clinical focus offered throughout the day and evening, Monday-Thursday, and during the earlier part of the day Friday. We recognize that clients at this level of care are learning valuable lessons in balancing numerous life roles and responsibilities and have developed our program to be maximally adaptable to the clinical and logistical needs of participants. Intensive outpatient alcohol treatment in Orange County program participants will work with their clinical team to develop an individualized schedule that includes:

    • Minimum of nine service hours per week
    • Day, evening, and combination schedules available
    • Individual and group therapy and psychoeducation
    • Individual case management
    • Recreational and experiential activities
    • 12 Step engagement
    • Psychiatric care as needed
    • Ongoing drug testing
    • Optional concurrent participation in Northbound signature services including Collegebound, Careerbound®, LINKS, or the Trauma Program

Get Treatment for Substance Abuse and Mental Health at Northbound’s Outpatient Program

Northbound understands the impact that mental health disorders can have not only on addiction but on your life after rehab. If you have a dual diagnosis, getting involved in the Careerbound® program can help you to better manage your mental health and addiction recovery as you return to work. You will still have weekly meetings with your therapist and counselor and participate in structured groups to address relevant issues and support both relapse prevention and mental well-being.

Is Careerbound® the Right Program for Me or a Loved One?

If you or a loved one live in Orange County and are interested in receiving personalized support for substance abuse and mental health disorders, contact Northbound about our outpatient program or other services today.