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Substance Abuse Treatment Centers In Orange County Ca

Every substance abuse program has its unique way of operation when dealing with addiction. Patients’ challenges are different, so co-occurring addiction treatment centers have unique ways of dealing with their needs. In our facility, we understand this, and that’s why we utilize a transitional treatment model credited for helping our patients gain skills and confidence that help them in their recovery journey. This process is made possible by moving patients into less structured treatment programs that train them to deal with relapse triggers and trauma.

Our approaches include Inpatient and outpatient programs, medical detox, and partial hospitalization, which is convenient for every addict. Stopping an addiction may be dangerous and life-threatening to the addict, depending on the level of addiction, and that’s why we adopt medically supervised detox as a crucial first step in recovery. We deploy nurses and medical providers for patients suffering from Substance use and co-occurring mental disorders to monitor their safety as they withdraw from drugs and offer them support.

Our Inpatient option is designed to ensure that patients have constant monitoring from our health care professionals during the early stages of diagnosis. Once you get admitted to our residential treatment program, we offer meals and hostels, plus an array of amenities to keep you occupied. This process helps our team to help you identify and work through the barriers as you learn coping strategies that will assist in sobriety.

Rehab facilities have created a partial hospitalization program for patients responding to treatment where there is a provision to return home and do their duties. This program is effective for Dual diagnosis addiction treatment and is confirmed to work for Inpatient and outpatient mechanisms. It doesn’t necessarily need 24-hour supervision, but patients can still benefit from its structured treatment. Our intensive outpatient program focuses on integration back into society and self-discovery for Co-occurring disorder treatment. You must attend therapy for at least 15 hours per week. We also create a provision where you can attend sessions with the flexibility of living at home. We support our patients through stressful situations and help them maintain regular and family schedules while making readjustments.

From our studies, the main reason for relapse in cases of Mental health and substance use is that, in most instances, co-occurring disorders are not adequately addressed. A co-occurring disorder can be defined as a condition that accompanies addiction. Most people being admitted to rehab facilities have an underlying mental health disorder. We take our patients through a series of diagnoses in the early stages because most of these conditions are masked by addiction, and it becomes a challenge to tell. Luckily, our medical personnel and healthcare professionals have undergone training to be able to decipher such cases. At our addiction recovery center, we strive to build a compassionate path that will help the patient create a healthy support system that’s pivotal in maintaining sobriety. Our team is trained to determine the best care level for every individual. Reaching out for help sometimes feels intimidating, but we assure you that the process will be seamless.

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