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Residential Treatment Centers Orange County Ca

Once a patient decides to get admitted to a rehab program, they have a pool of options to sort through. Every Mental health and substance use center will vouch to clients that they indeed offer the best services and distinguishing the best among the non-performing ones becomes a challenge. Since these individuals are not professionals, it becomes challenging to understand what makes a facility stand out from the rest. Therefore, less credible rehab program centers tend to take advantage of these individuals. Instead of just believing that a facility is the best by taking their word, it is essential to break down a couple of things for you to understand for an individual to understand what makes a good facility.


This feature must be the most obvious thing to look out for; if the accreditations for Substance use and co-occurring mental disorders are not clear, it is convenient to ask questions. The body charged with issuing licenses is called Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). The Joint Commission Drug and rehabilitation centers undergo strict scrutiny to convince these two bodies that they are fully compliant and have met the standards. To get these accreditations, the facility might take months to undergo inspection before being accredited. The criteria for these bodies are higher than what state authorities would request before getting issued licenses.

Qualified Professionals

Before administering treatment to a patient, it is essential to know that the person has the proper credentials and professional background to offer treatment. You need to know the values the Co-occurring addiction treatment centers stand for, the type of leadership and structures deployed, and their priorities.

Individualized Care

Find out whether the program offers individualized care. The facility should dedicate its efforts to finding the ideal solution for everyone admitted into the program; if their goal is not recovery and Co-occurring disorder treatment, that’s not a good sign. Suitable facilities are dedicated to your overall mental and physical health improvement and will need to address underlying issues and any co-occurring disorders. The need for all these aspects of well-being is going to affect your recovery journey.

Vocational Support

Part of caring for a recovering addict is ensuring that the individual gets back on their feet and has a fulfilling long-term goal. An excellent Dual diagnosis addiction treatment needs to have vocational support as part of its offering. This program might have an exception for people with careers and engagements in life, but a facility needs to have such a dedicated program.

Length Of Treatment Programs

There is no one size fits all approach for Co-occurring addiction treatment centers, and there is no fast way to treat a disorder. All effective programs need to have tailor-made solutions for every individual. Longer treatments are more effective, so if a program is pushing for a shorter program that you are not comfortable with, it is always advisable to find an alternative. Most inpatient programs take 90 days, although some might take longer, depending on the patient’s condition.

After looking at the main aspects of the centers, it becomes easier for you to decide, though never shy off from making routine visits and visiting websites to confirm which treatment program suits your needs.

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