6 Ways Giving Back Helps Your Recovery

Free HBO for life –- the reward really anyone deserves once they’re able to push aside their thoughts on their own difficulties to focus more on ways to improve others’ lives. But there are other benefits, benefits research shows could kick TV’s butt, benefits that clients here at Northbound have found especially useful for strengthening Read More

The Risky Business of Recovery – Kevin McCauley

They had A.A. meetings at Leavenworth, but they were weird. The prison saw the H & I volunteers from the local A.A. district as a security risk, so they wouldn’t let them in. Over the years, without guidance, the meetings devolved into something I could hardly recognize. They never read How It Works. They never Read More

Should You Make New Year’s Resolutions in Recovery?

January is the start of a brand-new year, and many people view it as a “clean slate” of sorts. It’s an opportunity to bring about change and try new things. Sticking with tradition, people often make New Year’s resolutions detailing what they want to accomplish in the year to come.  While having a goal to Read More

Coping with Seasonal Affective Disorder

As the clocks are turned back and daylight hours become shorter during the winter, this can take a toll on mental health. An estimated 14 million Americans struggle with seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a type of depression. Though the exact causes are yet unknown, researchers believe that lack of sunlight decreases serotonin in the brain Read More

Tackling Holiday Stress in Healthier Ways

Thanksgiving is over, and Christmas, Hanukkah, and the New Year are quickly approaching. It can be easy to get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of it all and stress yourself out. However, putting this kind of pressure on yourself doesn’t help anyone, least of all your recovery. Stress can be a major trigger Read More